Wednesday, October 31, 2001

some of you know about my neighbors who have a meth lab in their kitchen. well, they don't really but i wouldn't put it past them. anyway, ever since they moved in i've known they smoked with their kids around. i just wasn't sure if they treated them like dogs and put them out or if they left them in the house. well last night was beautiful. it was about 65 when i got home, thought i'd open up and have a couple beers on the patio. i get home and there's a note on the door. my initial thought is its an eviction notice, then i realized i haven't done anything recently to get evicted. all it was was a note saying they were doing asphalt work in the morning and needed me to move my car by 6 am (or else be towed!) so i went back outside in the hall and could immediately smell it. i knew they had their patio door open as well so on my way to the car thought i'd do a little detective work. i peeked through the fence and there's the three crystal meth moms passing around a huge ass bong and five or six kids just running all over the place. thats not cool. at least wait until your kids are gone. my thing is can that be considered child endangerment? i would think so considering smoking weed is illegal. the other thing is my laundry hookup is in the basement. their apartment is right above the washer so i can hear EVERYTHING they say and do. sunday night when i was down there i was tossing a load (that didn't sound right) in the washer and i could hear them yelling at the kids. and it wasn't nice yelling, it was mean yelling. "tommy are you going to clean up these toys" "no!" i then hear someone else say "if he said that to me i'd slap the f--- out of him." "tommy pick up these goddamn toys! if i make a f-----' mess you don't clean the goddamn thing, i f------' do! so clean up these goddamn toys NOW!" when i walked upstairs i was ready to beat down the door to get in there.

all i can say is god help me if i find out they hurt those kids. i WILL be in that apartment so fast and those kids'll be waiting in mine while the cops haul mom off to jail.

hmmm...thats just something thats been bothering me ever since they moved in. can't wait for their lease to expire. bitches. (and anyone who knows me, KNOWS that i never call any girl a bitch, unless its deserved.)
the chili was HOT. i don't think my rectum will ever be the same.

on another note, something i've been thinking about. people who can't get over their past and move on. instead they feel compelled to rip on past experiences with people and rather than keep it between the two people, they choose to publicly humiliate the other person. why? what does it accomplish? obviously this person lacks maturity in every sense of the word. my whole thing is i've been in my share of bad relationships and i may hate some of my past girlfriends but i don't go around bashing them. now of course, i never went out with more than one at a time. i think if one person is going to date someone it should just be the two of them. luckily i've found the one person i cherish with all my heart and would never do anything to cause them pain or suffering. hmmm...i guess some people just never grow up. thoughts?
last night i left work around sixish. went to kmart to pick up shayna's anniversary present. no, its not a single thing from there, i just needed a part for it. its more of a present for both of us. i completed a good deal of it last night. when i looked back on it i thought it was really special. i KNOW she'll like it. btw, shayna don't read this because you'll get mad that i'm talking about it. :) just wait, you'll appreciate the suspense when you see it.

so on to today. i suppose happy halloween is in order. all these people are dressed up here at unitedhealthcare. we have a fairy(its a girl by the way, for all the sickos out there), the obligatory witch, the whole care coordination department dressed up as flowers. way to show team unity yo! me, nothing. i'm just here for the chili today. mmm...chili cookoff. and usually its pretty good. last year someone used chicken instead of beef in theirs. it was delish. moving right along, not as tired as monday and tuesday. heh, i'm sure some five alarm chili with guatemalan insanity peppers will wake me up. maybe i'll see a cosmic coyote with the voice johnny cash and he'll tell me to find my soulmate. joke'd be on him, i think i already have. anyway, thats all for now.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

y'know, there's times when i'm glad i have the friends that i do. what i mean is they don't pull silly shit with me. if they say something to me i know they mean it. and if there's something i need to be aware of they tell me. bottom line. they don't bullshit with me. lucky me.
oh woe is me. lots of shit going down. details later...maybe.
okay, kids. its picture time. check this out.

so lets bring out the critics alright...
holy shit. i've been going through internet withdrawal. its been down here since about 9 this morning. needless to say, i've gotten a weeks worth of work done. meanwhile, in real life, for lunch they're bringing me some schlotzkys. yum. i'm getting two sandwiches because i'm a fatass and i can eat that much...or maybe i'll just save one for later. i'm getting one turkey and swiss with extra mayo and grilled onions. the other is a turkey bacon club. i plan to have extremely bad breath this afternoon. like it matters, seeing as all my work is done. oh, and photos soon since i can get on yahoo now.
okay. i just finished the photo album from dallas and am now waiting on shayna to give final approval. alls i have to say is they look great. give a quick shoutout to the man who scanned em for me last night despite having a busy night, and that be jstdave. good guy, shayna can attest to that. photos coming soon folks!
what up comments? uH hUh. nevermind you. but thanks anyway.

Monday, October 29, 2001

okay. some people don't know about shayna. the girl who has stolen my heart and i am truly happy around. so for those who haven't seen the love of my life check it we look damn fiiii-iiiine. more tomorrow though. and i might add way cuter than other couples i know. and they know who they are.
lunch. i was going to run up to sweet tomatoes and grab a salad. i changed my mind and am now sitting in my cube munching on the mixed nuts given to me last week. almonds. good. maybe i'll have mac & cheese for dinner. boston public. season premiere tonight. and michael rappaport joins the cast. he's a badass and a half i tell ya. check it out. 8 est/7cst.
alright. miss sharon's going to work on the reblog issue soon. with that said, its time to talk weekend. many of you know i was stoked to see shayna's dads new car (the mercedes clk-320, as it turned it out, it only had a six-cylinder in it, more on that later). i did indeed get the opportunity to ride in it, but lets start at the beginning of the whole weekend.

throughout the week my anxiety had been building up to the point of torture. friday morning though it didn't seem like that big of a deal. i woke up (with no cat there :)) and got everything done i needed to. got to the airport WAY early. since my bag was a carryon it only took me about 20 min through security and to get my boarding pass. flight there wasn't too bad. typical kc-dallas, you get off the ground, get up to use the restroom, and then you're there. unfortunately, shayna was in terminal a and i was in c, so i had to wait to see her. i only had to wait about 25 min for her et al to show up. when she did there was the usual smile going from ear to ear on my face. got to her dads house, which is very nice by the way, and it turned out to be just like meeting anyone else. introduced ourselves to each other, shook hands, went on about our business. met her brothers, neat kids, showed me the house, very nice. moving right along to the party. barbara was obviously VERY surprised. so after all the party goers come out of the closets we start mingling, or as shayna will tell you, showing me off. after telling several HUNDRED people how we met, we come to find out one of her parents' very good friends is a huge dmb fan, as well as her sons. talk about good conversation piece. we probably spent at least 45 min talking about them. her dad hired a saxophone player, i kept saying it was the saxophonist from the doobie brothers, except this guy could sing. heh. then the dj. i tried my damnedest to dance, but i knew it was no good. total chandler dancing, after all, i AM WHITE...very, very white. this is the part where it gets fuzzy because *i* don't think i was that drunk, but according to shayna, i was talking "goofy." ironically, when i was telling andrea about this last night on the way home, she said the same thing. like i start talking about meaningless things. i disagree about me being drunk, but shayna, who had 3 or 4 glasses of wine, uh huh, thats enough to zonk her out, says otherwise. whatever. i had a good time and the food was the bomb diggity. good salmon. good asparagus. good beef. good POTATOES, and we all know how i LUV me some mashed po-tatoes. okay, we can move on to saturday. not as much happened that day.

saturday we woke up, had some coffee. her dad was going to run up to walgreens and drop off the cameras. next thing i hear "john, you wearing shoes?" eh? "john if you want to take a ride go get your shoes." of course i ran to get the shoes then about halfway downstairs it hit me "oh my god. he's taking me ALONE in the car." can you say anxiety attack? car took backseat (hahaha) and that jumped out at me. i was waiting for the inevitable questions "where do you see yourself in ten years? what is it exactly YOU want with my daughter?" nope. none of that. we talked about the car. he asked me if i was a huge dmb fan too. heh. "yeah, as a matter of fact thats how we met." yes, shayna that was all we talked about you. since i survived that we went to cody's little league game. i missed the triple he hit as i was using facilities. the funniest part was when shayna leaned over to me and whispered "do they wear cups?" "at my age we didn't but i don't know if they do now," was my response. after the game shayna and i went to california pizza kitchen, i'd never been there. good bbq (of course :)) pizza. she had kung pao pasta or something like that, then we topped it off with some apple crisp which was delicious. then we went shopping. not as bad as i had anticipated. matter of fact, she behaved herself splendidly. most have heard the story about the mr. potato head pj bottoms. when buying them it didn't seem like that big of a deal. when it came time to wear the hell did i wind up in this jam. however, according to barbara, i scored points with la familia. well, i GUESS it was worth it... anyway. for dinner we had chicken quesadilla. very good. ended up renting bridget jones diary. i can't say if it was any good or not, because i fell asleep and had to practically be carried to bed. cody slept in mom&dads room again.

sunday, very quiet. woke up and had a great breakfast and some coffee. just hung around the house, went for a walk, said goodbye to everyone then it was off to codys game again. i like that kid, he reminds me a lot of myself at that age. that says a lot. anyway. then off to the airport. we thought since we both had 3:50 flights our gates were only 4 apart (we checked in the morning). we got there and shayna realized she misread her schedule and was on a 5:30 flight, which meant she was in terminal a. boo! i tried to get a later flight so i could wait with her but it was already overbooked. boo again! so we waited and it came time for me to board my plane. total. movie. moment. i was at the gate, turned around, and mouthed "i love you" to her and i could tell she was about to burst into tears. i started walking down the tunnel and it hit me about halfway down. thats the part i hate the most of all. is when i have to say "i'll see you soon," but its never soon enough. the whole flight back i was trying to hold back by thinking to myself 'only 24 days til i get to see her again.' of course today its 23. yes, shayna-countdown has begun.

well, i think thats about it. got pics developed last night. probably be scanned tonight. i'll have them up tomorrow if i do them tonight. look for them then. all in all, a terrific weekend. i left some stuff out, but its probably better that way. if not, go to shaynas blog. she probably has it there.
cursed reblog. i've almost got the thing set up...just a little....more....
guess who got me started on this....hmph. i figured rather than run up shayna's comments section, *i'd* start my own. besides, i have a tendency to get bored at work. so we'll see how this works out. hehehe.