Tuesday, June 8, 2004

do the words "pissed off" come to mind? why yes, they do.

when the hr dude called me about my new job he asked, like all hr dudes do, "do you have any time off coming up in the next month or two?" i said yeah, a day and a half in june, other than that, nothing. "and is that flexible?" yeah, if it's the difference between getting the job and not getting it. well since nothing was said when the offer was made to me, such as "we'll pay you x amount but you have to cancel that vacation you have in june." i assumed everything was fine.

not so much. here's how the conversation went today:
"brian, did they tell you i'd be gone for a day and a half next week?"
"no, they didn't."
"yeah, half day thursday and a full day friday."
brian, my boss, has a look of bewilderment on his face. probably because one of his subordinates just told him when they were taking time off.

so after the day is done i talk to him again, thinking to myself what i just said above about the subordinate thing.
"brian, is that going to be a problem next week? you kinda had a weird look on your face."
"well, it might be. what's going on? you moving that day?"
i can't tell him i'm going to a concert. how lazy would that look? so i lie and say
"yeah, we're moving that day."
"well the thing is we're going through prism next week. if it was closer to the end i'd probably feel more comfortable with it but since it's in the middle... if there's any way that you could get out of it..."

so now, i'm pretty much fucked. my original thought was i could tell him we've scheduled the truck for that day and we can't get out of it. unfortunately, my coworkers know about the concert, so if some comment was being made about me moving, i'm afraid a concert comment would be blurted out. and i can't tell him the truth because i'd look like jackass employee extraordinaire.

so, needless to say i'll be missing the opener. and chances are i'll never go to an opener. i've already rescheduled the cable dude to come on wednesday night.

perhaps pissed off is an understatement. well, i guess i could just spend that money on more ribs.