Friday, November 30, 2001

woo hoo! time to get drunk.

i'll be on AIM all night probably. feel free to say hi to my lonely drunk ass. =)
guess what just came on the radio...

rescue me from the mire
whisper words of desire
rescue me, darling rescue me
with your arms open wide
want you here by my side
come to me, darling rescue me
when this world's closing in
there's no need to pretend
set me free, darling rescue me

i don't wanna let you go
so i'm standing in your way
i never needed anyone like i'm needin' you today

do i have to say the words
do i have to tell the truth
do i have to shout it out
do i have to say a prayer
must i prove to you how good we are together
do i have to say the words

rescue me from despair
tell me you will be there
rescue me, darling rescue me

every dream that we share
every cross that we bear
come to me, darling rescue me

*sigh* i miss my shayna...
more links = more fun.

go. read. now.
it's friday
she don't want to work on munday

that's how i feel right now. word. there's 18 beers in my fridge at home. guess what i'm doing tonight.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

new pc. that's right. i'll be posting drunken ramblings now.

in the words of one sample

woo hoo! i'm getting my new pc tonight! yay for me!

finally...i am fully technologically advanced. for now anyway.
yo sharon! i don't know if shayna called you like i told her to, but wil wheaton was on family ties last night at 9:30 pst on nick at nite. if you taped it, now you got some makeshift porn. heh.
shayna's gonna holler at me about that one. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

awesome weekend. i LUV me some shayna. and i got my bridge discs today.

i figured out the delay in getting them, i put my work address, but wrote down my HOME zip code. heh.

anyway, so back to shayna. since i got my bridge, i've had the new song on repeat. i don't think a dmb song has ever held more truth for me.

i am no superman
and i have no answers for you
i am no hero or that special
but i do know one thing
where you are is where i belong
cuz where you go
i do know
is where i wanna be

i absolutely love that song.
woo fluckin hoo!

new tour in april. that means time to start saving. yep.
boo! i hate working. and i have A SHITLOAD of work to do.

i blog later! bye bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2001

so i'm posting this from shayna's pc.

yep, that's right, i'm in sf right now. here's a readers digest version of what happened-wednesday everything was going alright. she called me about 5 or 6 kind of worried but thought she'd be able to make it. then around 9 all hells broke loose. she called me in hysteria freaked out afraid to get on the plane. eventually her mom gave her some tranquilzer (literally a chill pill, heh) and it seemed like everything was a-ok. then at midnight, when she went to the airport, total. breakdown. at first i was in denial. i really couldn't believe she had backed out. it wasn't until she got home and called me, i saw her home number on the caller id, that i accepted she wasn't coming. then it was my turn for a breakdown. thank god i was by myself. i don't ever want to let ANYone see me in that state. we talked for a while and luckily i was calmed down enough to talk to her and get her to calm down...for the most part. i didn't want to go to sleep knowing that i wasn't getting up to go to the airport to get her, not to mention i couldn't even sleep in my own bed. i ended up on the futon. next day we were talking and she asked me "could you maybe come out here?" ummm...i suppose. after thanksgiving dinner i don't really have any other reason to be here. and also, i could tell she needed me there, and i needed to be with her. so, we got me a plane ticket, and after checking with my family first of course if they were cool with it, and i flew out.

when i got to the airport (sfo) total movie moment. there was shayna and we just held each other and she just started to cry. it was beautiful to me, just like her. she got her first month anniversary present...nother movie moment. tonight, she gets her bday present, since i won't be here for that, but i will be for new years. anyway, that's about it for now. more to come when i get home.

oh, and i might add that i don't think i could be any happier than when i'm around that beautiful lady of mine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

blah blah blah blah.

john's ready to go home...NOW!

on another note, everyone have a happy thanksgiving!
woo hoo!!! flights have gone down for when i'm supposed to go see shayna in january!!!!

i KNEW something good would happen today.
okay, here's how my night went. everything was a-ok up until about 8:30. i'm sitting there playing my game (final fantasy viii) and what i messed up on monday i had done the right way this time. so i decided to do a couple of extra things. i get those done, get up to close the patio door (i dig me some fresh air) and figure i'll save the game and head off to bed. *buzzer* wrong answer! try again. power outage. BOO!!! it's cold out and i want my heat dammit! what bugged me the most was that when looking out the back door i could tell the lot across from me still had power. why was i doomed to have this misfortune? last week the damn playstation/memory card lost my game that i had been playing for about 3 months off and on, then monday i messed up, then last night the power went out. damn the man! and since the power was out, i had no method of waking me up in the morning, so i figured the power wouldn't be out long, i'd just stay up and wait. wrong again. it didn't come back on until midnight. three and a half hours without power. lucky for me i have such a great girl. she listened to me whine and complain about how bored i was. then she offered to call and wake me up in the morning. keep in mind what's 6:30 to me, is actually 4:30 to her. at first i refused, then shayna said she'd call me anyway. fine, have it your way. so the phone rings at 5:30. i look at the caller id (like i didn't know who it was) and answer it. "hi." oops, i'm an hour early. "yeah you are." (now when the power came back on i didn't bother to reset my clock) well, i'll call back in an hour. i knew she wouldn't. next thing i know i roll over and the clock says 6:58. that's the correct time give or take a minute or two. so i missed my saved by the bell this morning. but at least i know i have the sweetest girlfriend ever that'll wake up in the middle of the night to make sure i get to work on time. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

i have the best girlfriend in the world.

and if i ever hear any argument from anyone i'll hunt em down and beat them up.

that is all.
in the work world this week,

tuesday = thursday.

nuff said.

Monday, November 19, 2001

you can call me VINNIE BEATER. because from this day on, whenever i'm caught having sex on camera that shall be my name. otherwise it'll be REGGIE SPUNK. check it out yo.

what up now hedgehog???!!!
hey everyone. go here and post your results.

oh, and from now on, whenever i'm ridin trooda hood, do not refer to me as john or jdunn, but as...


bitch! give me money ho! heh.
i still hate mondays.

but i get to see shayna in 3 days. =)

Saturday, November 17, 2001

what up everybody. i see we got the netherlands coming out to visit. what up to the coolest of them all miss esther. heh. good to hear from you.

anyway, tonight colby somehow got an explorer. hopefully he didn't steal it. heh. so we're gonna go cruise the strip tonight. pick up some fly hunnys in our g ride. well, for them anyway. my hunny'll be here in a few days. :)

okay, time to go. we gotta go roll up some dubbs. heh. later.

Friday, November 16, 2001

haaaaaaaani, haaaaaaaaaani
come and daaaaaaaance with me

haaaaaaaani, haaaaaaaaaani
come and daaaaaaaance with me

okay i'm done for a little bit.
it's friday!!! double hoo-rah!!!

okay, as most people know on fridays i treat myself extra nice and wake up a little bit early. why? so i can watch a full episode of saved by the bell. generally, it's the college years, but on occasion they show one of the sbtb movies. this morning it was actually one that i hadn't seen. can you believe that??? anyway, it was the thanksgiving one from the only season of the college years. so i'm watching and it's funny and cutesy as always. well, at the end of it they had all these special guests come on and do a sort of donation thing (mike rogers ruined the thanksgiving dinner :)). the first one was the kid from deepsea quest or whatever it was called. i can't remember. the next? marsha warfield. yeah, i can go a morning without seeing her ugly mug. but the next one, oh the next one made up for it all-
hehe. six from blossom!!! i *had* the biggest crush on her. heh, i guess i still kinda do. anyway, the next one made me spit out my coffee. the one, the only, true-white-boy-who-has-a-mistaken-black-identity, david silver. hehe. yep, brian austin green. ah, the bottom line is i LUV me some saved by the bell. heh.

okay, time to work. and look forward to 5. happy friday all!

Thursday, November 15, 2001

damn. what a day. i didn't do jack. having said that. it's time to go home.

it's back!!!

take the test and find out who you are!

i'm chandler. shayna's monica. seriously. go figure huh?
that figures. two shows i would *love* to see with shayna. this saturday.

unfortunately, not together, which means it'd be one or the other.

natalie merchant at the midland theater, and luther vandross at the music hall.

alas, woe is me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

you know what i love?




i try to refrain from posting lyrics like my counterpart, but i felt these were appropriate.

at least i can't get them out of my mind.

Oh my head lay back on the seating
Been so tired throw away my surrounding
Like the sun and moon take for granted
Soon we move through the flood and we fade away
Lie about it
Cry about it
We'll be ok
Lean upon me
I'll lean upon you
We'll be ok
Oh I lay myself at your feet laughing
Hope mine eye made of the soul choir
Lean upon me
I'll lean upon you
We'll be ok
Lie about it
Cry about it
Soon fade away
Lie about it
Cry about it
We'll be ok
Lean upon me
I'll lean upon you
We'll be ok
busy. busy. busy.

maybe later i'll blog some. but i know i got a loooooong day ahead of me.

wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

okay. my weekend. started out friday getting a haircut, for which i was about 20 min late. absolutely, THE worst traffic i've seen in a while. everywhere i turned was backed up for at least 2 miles. nonetheless, got my hair done and now i look pretty. basically not a whole lot friday. went over to dave's and had a few drinks then came back home and went to bed. saturday, went over to my parent's house to put up the christmas lights (which by the way, look good. tested them last night). found out my little brother was in town...with his girlfriend. asked if they were coming to thanksgiving, since shayna doesn't want to be the only girlfriend there. "not sure. we'll definitely be in on friday for the chiefs game on sunday." whatever wanker. heh. saturday night, whole lot of nothing. ira came over, dave, tiff & alyssa, & lesko, all swung by and hung out for a little bit. sunday, more of the same. except i helped my buddy with his car. battery was dead, we tried jumping it, nothing. took it over to my parents and put it on the charger. meanwhile, we rented a couple of movies. the first one, the gift starring katie holmes (woo hoo! she got topless!) and greg kinnear. actually it also had cate blanchett (eh) and keanu reeves. we honestly didn't think keanu could pull off the asshole redneck character. well, he proved us wrong. and for being a freaky deaky movie, which i'm not really into, it was pretty good. of course, katie holmes being topless was a good incentive to watch it too. heh. the second movie we got, heartbreakers starring sigourney weaver and jennifer love hewitt. jennifer was dressed. like. a. slut. the whole time. we were satisfied. not to mention we didn't know when we got it that jason lee was in it. that guy is as cool as michael rapaport. yeah he is. bad ass and a half. total role model for me. anyway, all in all a pretty dull weekend. this coming weekend though, i have to deep clean as my wo-man is coming in town the following thursday. and that way all i'll have to do is vacuum wednesday night. yay-hoo! only 9 days away!

Monday, November 12, 2001

oh, and while i'm thinking about it. some of you alls might have my OLD aim.

the new one is jdunndmb.

i'm rebelling! in a conformist kind of way.
well, i've finally gotten it back to the way it was. or close anyway.

so what do you all think?

new comment section. same links. oh, and you all should take a trip over to shayna's and see it. i spent a good portion of the afternoon repairing it, and in my opinion making it better.

maybe tomorrow i'll be in a better mood and talk about the weekend. in the meantime, i need to do the work i've put off all day.
i. hate. mondays.

especially meetings first thing monday morning at 8 am.

that's enough for now.


Friday, November 9, 2001

arlight. now that i've published. time to stuff envelopes. bleh. well at least i get to leave at 4:30 today. yay.
hooray for fridays! so last night i didn't much. just vacuum and had a couple of beers. ooh, and of course charmed. i LUV me some charmed. anyway, so today's friday and i have to finish up my january renewals and i have to leave around 4:30ish to get a haircut so i can look pretty for wo-man in a couple of weeks. only 13 days! so, i might not blog much today. we'll see. on that note i'll leave you with this phrase: the roosters are mooing and the pancakes will fly high at noon. what that means is beyond me. on to work!

Thursday, November 8, 2001

HOO-RAH!!! blogger's back up! so check it out. who wants to see more pics of the cutest couple ever (that would be shayna and myself)? you do? the go here.

now! do it!

and let's just say shayna's hands weren't the only ones on me that weekend. *snicker*snicker*

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

i am getting to be quite the web designer. well, at least as far as blogs go. i just added a ton of links to shayna's. of course, in true girl fashion (no pun intended), she had me add gap, banana, djangos, etc links. heh. oh well, i love to make her happy. :)
new blog design y'all. whatchyou think?
well, we found out what happened to them. on that note, i'm going to lunch.
so last night i took jimi to the vet to get her stitches out. took like 5 minutes. i *could've* gone back to work, but it's not everyday i'm home at 4:30 pm. so i ended up going to blockbuster. i told shayna i was going and she said "legally blonde?" "no, i don't want to get a movie that you want to see (not to mention that's one that i want to see with her) so instead i'll get some crap movie." the result? senior trip. it was alright. about 8:15 i was laying on the couch really comfortably and then the phone rang. it was my buddy keoni! i hadn't talked to him since the sept 11th thing. we used to party a lot last winter, then he moved back to hawaii in february or so. anyway, i guess he's working airport security again. he told me his vacation (he's coming back here to kc) was towards the end of april, early may. i told him all about shayna. he insists that she be here when he comes here. heh, he said "we gonna do some partyin!" well, i don't like to drink too much in front of shayna. "yeah, but if i'm there!" eh, we'll see. then i watched some more tv. woo hoo! charmed was on tnt at 9 and the wonder years was on fox family too! i kept flipping back and forth. oh, on charmed, it was the second one with rose mcgowan, the one where they're trying to coax her into living with them. anyway, there was the evil enchantress, that's a little bit of a longer story so i won't go into it, but the demon in the house? THE SHOCKER DEMON!!! i. could. not. help. but start laughing my ass off. it was this demon that was in their electrical circuits. hehehehe. it still makes me laugh. i am *so* immature. having said that, time to do some work.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

hey! anyone who reads my blog. go comment on shayna's. she's sad. and i don't like her to be sad. so go comment.

NOW!! please.
yep. got my filing done. had a small bag of doritos for lunch. and now, i'm just gonna slack off for the next 2 and half hours. oh, and i'm not stressing anymore. as a matter of fact, i'm in a rather pleasant mood. :)
so here's how my morning gone. i wake up. i'm missing shayna real bad. she calls me. i'm blogging. i get done with that and she's still on the phone. then i decide to check my stats. only the stupid ignorant piece of crap website won't take my password (see below). since i'm trying to get this stupid thing done BEFORE shayna gets to work so i have more time to talk to her i'm really concentrating on the damn thing. THEN SHE HANGS UP ON ME. anyone who comes by my desk has been snarled at and i feel bad. ugh. i'm stressing hardcore. did i mention the hugeass stacks of papers on my desk? one has to be filed, no big deal. it's the other one that pisses me off. it's licensing. for kansas insurance the agents get this big 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper stating what they can sell. well i have to send it off to hartford so they can enter into their system so they can get paid. here's the thing, these dumbass brokers ALWAYS send hartford the wallet size. so what does that mean? i have an ENORMOUS pile of licensing paperwork that i need to go through, call each broker and tell them if they want to be appointed in kansas then they need to send me the big license. so what do they do? "kansas doesn't send those out anymore." like hell they don't! i saw one last week that was issued in august. dumbasses. the bottom line, this is why it gets so big. because. i. hate. calling. them. oh, and i just got off the phone with shayna. let's just say, i understand now, and we've come to a mutual agreement that next time i shall be forewarned. heh. okay, i'm a little bit better now. think i'll get rid of the filing pile now. bye.
i hate my stupid stats thing. just because the website that asks for my password won't take it. and it's frustating me to no end so i'm trying to get it to work and i have to go the bathroom really bad but i want to stay and talk to shayna and just....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

sometimes i REALLY, REALLY
this is why i can't wait for my buddy dave to get my pc hooked up at home. i really wanted to blog about this last night. usually it's shayna who calls me and is missing me really bad and is a complete wreck. well last night it was me. for some reason or another (besides me missing her) i consistently kept just wanting to look into her eyes, and i also kept thinking about the first time i see her whenever or wherever i end up, be it kci, be it in front of a mexican restaurant, or in the dfw terminal parking lot, i get so excited every time i think about it. knowing that i'll see her in 16 days (yes folks, shayna-countdown has begun) makes it that much harder not to think about it. oh well, like she told me, it won't always be like this. i can't wait...

Monday, November 5, 2001

you know what pisses me off really bad? when some jerk steals MY staple remover. grrr...

well, at least i have my swingline.
i just went to the store. nacho cheese doritos. yum. and when i got back, what muzak was playing in the lobby? endless love. is it bad when you start singing along in the elevator?
so today's monday. and since i don't want to do anything at work today, i've been surfing the net looking for photos of the plaza lights just so shayna can get a feel for what to expect. i found two so far. this one, which actually has the building my mom used to work in, the second american century tower (they loom over the plaza), not to mention my first time ever to witness the lighting on thanksgiving night was in that building. neat huh? anyway here's the other one.
holy cripes. just got my phone bill. not as bad as i thought. the longest call to miss shayna, 96 minutes, runner-ups include one for 87 min., the other 86 minutes. damage due to southwestern bell, $100.60. worth. every. penny.
i. hate. mondays. they suck. i feel like crap. i want to go home and crawl into bed. having said that, here's how the weekend went. as some of you may know, my buddy from houston, nicky urbano was in town friday night. i HAD made plans to go out, but something came up. i get home and am actually about to pour my first drink and my buddy jed stops by. well we sit around and drink, shoot the shit, etc. the whole time i'm debating whether to go out or not. about an hour goes by and jed's on the phone with a mystery person. it turned out to be another of my old skool buddies wes, who NEVER goes out because he got himself a wo-man and is on a leash so tight you could freeze ice on his face. anyway, i come to find out *he's* going out with them tonight. well, that means i *have* to go out now, if wes is. so he's on his way over to my place. then scott's coming over too. damn, it felt just like the good old days. these are all guys that i hung out with my senior year of high school and we managed to always get together during the summers of college and the holidays. next thing y'know it's time to go over to colby's and meet up with him and nick. at this point, i've downed a good 2/3 of the captain morgan private stock. needless to say i was feeling pretty good without having to leave the house. translation: i stayed home due to being too drunk and the fear of yakking all over the bar and having to be carted off in an ambulance. well, he'll be back for thanksgiving. of course, shayna'll be here so i won't be nearly as drunk as i was. saturday, not too much happened. ira and chris lesko came over. ira was babysitting alyssa. she is SO adorable. we were reading an egm magazine and she kept pointing to the video game characters and saying to me "who's that?" of course, i made up a name for most of them. sunday-felt. like. crap. i was sick until the point when i went to jones to pay my bill. went to sears since i was at the mall and got a new cd case. no more cd's in the little envelopes! should've known better when i went to jones. paid the bill yeah, but i also managed to buy a polo sport long sleeved white shirt with these blue and grey stripes on it. i figured it goes great with my jeans. next stop, hy-vee. spent nearly 50 bucks on groceries. i had no food in my house. picked up some hot tamales for when shayna's here (as well as something else that i'm not at liberty to disclose at this time:)) after that, went home and made dinner. eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. i totally jakked up the hash browns and wound up throwing them out. maybe next time i'll get em right. and now, here i am, at work. i *really* can't stand mondays. for some reason they're my most hated of days. anyway, nuff bitching for now. i should probably do some work...

Friday, November 2, 2001

well folks, another week comes to an end. as i write this i'm already 30 min past the time i wanted to leave. eh, well. it was worth it. i was looking for an animated icon for shayna. and i found one! should check it out if given the chance. i also found one for me...that she won't let me use. anyhoo, time to go home. my buddy nicky urbano is in town from houston. as much as i love the guy, i don't really want to go out with them tonight. i'd rather they come by my place, have a couple drinks, and be on their way. and since i don't have shayna with me this weekend :( that means i can finish off that bottle of rum in my fridge. so on that note, i bid you all adieu and have a good and safe weekend. i'll talk to you on monday.

btw, go here. there's some good stuff there. later!
okay. even though no one reads this blog. go read this one.
this is very bizzarre. i'm not used to working on a friday. the last time i was up at 6 am on a friday i was getting ready to go to the airport to see shayna. speaking of her, she tried calling me last night at midnight. slept. right. through it. twas very pleasant this morning though to hear her voice on the machine. :) last night i went home and scrubbed the bathroom, mopped the kitchen, and vacuumed the whole joint. it was the first time i'd cleaned it since shayna had been here (and we all know how i hate seeing dirt on the floor). since i was cleaning i only got to watch about ten minutes of friends. sean penn was pretty funny on it. heh. all i kept thinking was "spicoli, spicoli, spicoli..." moving right along, it IS friday, and that means after about 3 i'll slack off and play scooterdeath cool game. if you haven't played it, i strongly urge you too. people on scooters and you hurl bricks at their heads! hours of entertainment. anyway, everyone have a happy friday!

Thursday, November 1, 2001

woo hoo!!!!!!!!!! my new business cards are finally here! happy day!

you KNOW you're jealous.
couple more things since i'm thinking about them. first thing, the anthrax they found here last night is nowhere near me. i'm on the west side, its on the northeast side (by worlds of fun, little north of the stadiums). not to mention, its some sort of a cancellation notice center or something of that nature. nonetheless, they say there's no cause for alarm for the general public. good deal. second thing, my brothers went to catholic school up until high school, i only went there for preschool and kindergarten. they never, EVER got all saints day off. yes, its a holy day of obligation, but not a huge one like christmas or easter or ascension for that matter. point is i drive by holy cross catholic school every morning on my way to work. today there's no cars out front, the poe-lice are there though monitoring the school speed zone. anyway, the little brats that go there apparently got all saints day off. we got screwed. thats all for now.
usually i watch charles in charge before i come to work in the morning. today though, was different. the comedy central movie at 7 am? license to drive. heh. "god giveth...and the dmv taketh." on another note, i opened up my email this morning to find a very bitter message someone sent me. i won't go into who it was, but apparently this person is under the impression that i dislike them for the wrong reason, and it's nothing like that. i don't like said person's lifestyle and the way they treat others. funny how some people jump to the incorrect conclusions. if i were in their place i would ask me why i'm so hateful towards them, not assume it's for another reason. anyhoo, time to do some work. happy thursday everyone!