Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it's been 3 months. i've been very busy.

having said that, i'm officially ending this thing. i've decided that, like doc brown's time machine, these blogs do nothing but cause disaster. you write things on here that you normally wouldn't, or shouldn't, say about people. of course when you're writing things on here it seems 9 times out of 10 you're angry about something or venting. heck, i've done it. see the rants about my job. problem is, rather than save it as a draft and wait a day or two before publishing you just go ahead and click on that little button that says "publish post". then, before you know it, the whole world has read it. even if you use anonymity, folks know who you're talking about. probably because you hit publish in the past about the same thing. anyway, now i'm babbling. to sum up, that's all folks. show's over. i guess the lesson to be learned is if you have a blog, use it responsibly. got a beef with someone? email, call, write, whatever your preferred form of communication is, just don't publicize it for the whole world to see. it's been real.