Saturday, March 29, 2003

kaaaaaaayyyyyyyy U U!!

kaaaaaaayyyyyyyy U U!!

ah, another final four for kansas. and this time probably another national championship.

rock chalk jayhawk baby.
gah. it seems like we have gobs of tickets for sandstone. seems like it. but we really don't. i did buy an extra pair of lawn, which at the time i thought were the best i could come up with. eh well. we'll find someone to use them.

monday. monday will tell a lot. that's all i can say for now.

other than i have to take a crap but shayna's doing her hair so i have to hold it. isn't that interesting?

Thursday, March 27, 2003

john's my name, anticipation's the game.

i'm *dying* to know where our seats are for the 3 (that's right count 'em 3!) shows we're going to.

also, i'm listening to stay or leave from last night's set. it's a quiet, sweet song. i dig it.

Monday, March 24, 2003

and to further illuminate how is it that 25 years can go by and the closest thing i see to crime is the occasional drunk driver crashing in front of my parents house, and then within the last 5 months, i've seen two heinous crimes go down. i mean, how? how do i go living here and nothing bad happens and then whammo! crime just jumps in my lap. it doesn't make any sense. i've really been seriously thinking about moving the last couple days. moving away from this city. should i be? 24 out of 25 years with no crime, but the way it's been piling on is scary. i mean shayna's frightened to go out in our neighborhood at night. i don't think she should be, seeing as the crime that exists in our neighborhood is the losers stealing from old navy and kmart. that's the extent of it. but still it just doesn't make sense how i could go this long without seeing it and then it just happens so fast.

WHACK. that's what this world is now. and bullshit when the police, the people i pay to protect my ass, don't do a goddam thing but sit on their butts eating donuts and saying "oh we'll catch him...if and when we want to."
normally i'm not a hostile person, but i am when a person violates someone's privacy. for example, when that lowlife drug addict broke into shayna's car i wanted to give him a beatdown because he thought he had the right to steal our hard-earned property. i knew the cops weren't going to catch him simply because one, it's a major city with more important things to solve, such as homocides, two, because tons of cars get broken into everyday. it's a common crime as sad as is it to say. but when something happens, that doesn't happen very often at all, maybe once a year in overland park, yeah a suburb, you would think the police would be more apt to catch the criminal. but it doesn't seem to be that way. no, they could give a flying fuck if the pathetic-crawling-in-the-slime-corn-rolls-in-his-hair-shit-for-brains violator is caught. "well are you going to do anything officer? maybe get a composite sketch together in case he comes back to this bar and the staff can notify you guys?" "hehe, son, you watch too many cop shows. nah, we'll let him do it again to someone else and not worry about it then either."

life makes absolutely, no sense, whatsoever, sometimes. what do i want to do? get a good description of the guy, go to the bar with a buddy. if he's there strike up a conversation with him, have my buddy go to the door and if he makes a run for the door cut him off. then apprehend him and call the cops. and of course before the cops get there give him a good smack. perhaps in the family jewels.

i cannot put into words the anger and hatred i've experienced in the last 60 hours, trouble is i still have a lot in me that's dying to get least when i think about it.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

woo hoo. we've gone from not-so-bad seats to excellent seats for ben harper. 5th row. dig.

also if anyone wants or knows someone who wants dixie chicks tickets for dallas have em give me a holler.

oh, and my brackets are kicking ass.

war ku in the final four.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

stupid chiefs. they signed morten andersen to a 4 year deal...meaning he'll be playing until he's 46. how the hell do they expect him to kick field goals with a walker in front of him? or towing his oxygen tank behind him? he'll run up to kick the ball and trip over his hose. sounds like the trainers have their work cut out for them.

Monday, March 17, 2003

alright robbi, what the hell happened to your longhorns? losing in dallas? weren't they the crybabys that "didn't have a chance in kansas city?" so they swayed the big xii to move it to dallas. no surprise there. ever since the texas schools came into the conference the committee has bowed down and done everything they wanted. but that's not the point of this bitch session. no, this one's all about texas crying that they couldn't win in kansas moving to dallas would make it easier for them. to get home earlier i suppose. instead of a 2 hour flight from kc they just drove an hour and a half back to austin. having said that, someone explain to me how they got a #1 seed and ku got a #2. truth be told i'd rather ku be a #2 because they always seem to choke earlier in the tournament when they're #1. but anyway, let's go back to the regular season and examine texas vs. kansas. ku beats texas head-to-head at allen fieldhouse. longhorn fan says "well if it were in austin we would've won." maybe, but arizona came into allen fieldhouse and smacked ku down, so really i don't buy that crap. next ku wins regular season big xii title. guess that means nothing in reality, so we'll go straight to big xii tournament. ku played on saturday. did texas? oh, that's right, they were already home. texas tech kicked their ass back to austin. said "you don't need no bus, we'll just dropkick you back."

so what have we learned? that ku got a #2 seed, and they shouldn't have. texas got a #1 seed, and they shouldn't have. well that's the ignorance of the selection committee i suppose. let's dance.

Monday, March 10, 2003

that's it. i give up trying to be mr. mechanic. i'm sticking to what i know how to do-

changing oil and pumping gas.

and who knows, i might give up changing oil.

Thursday, March 6, 2003

poor pink. she had such a terrible upbringing. i can't imagine it being easy growing up in world war iii, y'know, never knowing what love could be.

yet they look so normal in their family portrait.

ugh, seriously, if i have to hear that song one more time i just may rip my arm off so that i can throw it at the radio.

hey john, just chill out. life's like this. chill out. that's the way it is.

i honestly can say i wouldn't be too terribly disappointed if those two "punk" artists got beat down. well, maybe not beat down, but whatever it would take so that i wouldn't have to hear them anymore.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Princess Bride
You are THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Robin Wright is
convinced that Cary Elwes is dead, so gets
engaged to obnoxious Chris Sarandon. But, with
the help of a giant and revengeful Spaniard,
Elwes gets her back in the end.

Which Romantic Comedy Are You?
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alright people i need your help. we're moving cubes friday and i have a choice of which one i can get. following are the pros and cons i can think of-
cube a pros
don't have to change/add printers
i'd have visual contact with the person who works on my territories with me

cube a cons
same aisle as the team leads. and our cubes don't have real walls. we have 3 walls and 2 of them are only about 3/4 the size of the wall that runs down the middle. i.e. they'd be able to see whatever i'm doing on my computer screen.
the distance between my co-worker is about 30 or 40 feet, maybe more. we'd have to yell to hear each other

cube b pros
i'm away from the nasty team leads and supervisors
although there's a wall between us, i'm considerably closer to my co-worker

cube b cons
i'd have to add the printer, which only takes about 5 seconds but still

i'm not sure if it's a pro or con, but with cube b, i'd be sitting near 2 people i sit by now, rather than sitting with all new people in cube a. i think that would be a pro because i'm familiar with the people now...and i know they won't rat me out for anything. let me know what you think.
woo hoo for now! it appears that bela fleck and the flecktones have the whole month of july off according to pollstar.

tour dates are up. word.

as i mentioned on nancies, if it weren't for all the blasted, er, i mean, joyful weddings this summer i'd take a week off work and we'd do the kc --> san antonio run, except for houston. that's out of the way even though i've always wanted to go to the woodlands, plus they're only doing one show there this year.

funny thing happened this morning. yesterday afternoon it started to rain, then late afternoon it changed to sleet, therefore the rain that had fallen froze. overnight it snowed about an inch. roads were a mess this morning, just enough to make it crappy. shayna and i are watching the news this morning about 6:55 and they're talking about this bus that went through the concrete barricade in the middle of the highway. their newscast ends at 7 and good morning america is on next...what song did they choose to fade out with you ask? hehehe, a little ditty called crash into me. nice huh?

Monday, March 3, 2003

ha! i remember the other thing i was going to blog about! check this out.

hil. ari. ous.

Sunday, March 2, 2003

wow. couple of things. one, i was expecting to owe like 1500-2g's on taxes this year, turns out to only be a little under 900. 600 to the feds, 280 to kansas, not bad. second, i was in here checking my email and i hear something from the tv in the other room go "party it up too much last night? is that hangover giving you trouble? well no more with drinkers champion!" heh, check that out. good ol' hometown product. oh, and there was something else but it escapes my memory now so that's all. later.

Saturday, March 1, 2003

alright, since the link below is acting weird, i'll just post the web address and let you copy and paste.
i like big butts and i cannot lie!
you other brothers can't deny!
when a girl walks in with an itty, bitty, waist
and a round thing in your face you get sprung!
want to pull up tough
cuz you noticed that butt was stuck
beef to the jeans she's wearing
im hooked and i can't stop staring
oh baby i wanna get witcha
and take yo pictcha
now here's my scandal
i wanna get you home and
double up
uh uh!!
i ain't talking bout playboy
those silicon parts are made for toys
i want 'em real thick and juicy...

sorry. lani's post about the playboy thing got me going. hehe.

on a cooler note, check this out. i figured out how it works. can you?