Monday, December 30, 2002

mondays. i hate them.

it started off as a normal day. chris came over and piled me down with work. no problem. but then, this disk kept screwing up this one file that i had to get into. took me about two hours just to get it done. had to restart my computer and....augh, don't even want to talk about it. then i go to lunch thinking "mmmm...tuna, hard boiled egg, and a little of the jungle. yeah right. sean jones is in there filling in for jim. alright, no big deal, between the lines is on at 2. but kietzman isn't. he's out for the day. alright i dig danny clinkscale, i'll listen to him. i'm sitting there opening up my tuna and what happens? can opener slips and i drop the can while spilling the juice all over me and a smidge of tuna on my pant leg (boy, that cat's gonna LUV me tonight). thinking things can't get much worse i reach for an egg and start munching on it. now what i like to do is eat around the yolk saving it for last. not today. it falls out leaving yellow marks on my navy blue shirt. perfect. 30 minutes later things seem to be fine but we'll see....

i hate mondays.

and raider fan.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

""Which cocktail are you?""

brought to you by Quizilla

*sigh* how true it is...

...except for the short part. i'm not short. 5'10" is average thank you very much.
really fast, here's what i got for a christmas (i may have forgotten a few things so forgive me)-
madden 2003 (woo hoo!)
back to the future trilogy
couple of sweaters
couple pairs of pants (one cord, the other really snazzy dress pants)
bunch of shirts
a wool coat that's the bomb diggity courtesy of shayna
barbeque utensil set (i love it! spatula, tongs, kabob skewers, corn-on-the-cob holders, and a couple of other things that i'm unsure of their use)
and finally-
what to use that set about....a new smoker! yip yip yahoo!

it'll be broken in this weekend for the chiefs raiders game.
go check out shayna's as i'm sure she'll list all of the appliances that we don't need to register for anymore.

war a chiefs wild card!
war a happy and safe new year to all!

Saturday, December 21, 2002

party over here tonight! root root!

well, over at my buddy's house. ah, tis the season to get smashed with old friends!

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

What annoying Celebrity would you most likely wanna kill?

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god i have nothing but utter contempt for that sorry excuse for a kid. she's worse than that fiona apple bitch. yeah, leave me in a room alone with "avril" and one of us wouldn't be walking afterwards.
What Final Fantasy summon are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

i'm so cool =) odin rocks the casbah.

Monday, December 16, 2002

we went to the melting pot for dinner.

then on a carriage ride around the country club plaza.

while in said carriage i asked shayna a question - would she want to spend the rest of her life with me.

she said yes. hoorah! we be engaged. word.

Friday, December 13, 2002

we're going to see the dmb tomorrow night! we're going to see the dmb tomorrow night!

root root!

Thursday, December 12, 2002

alright, here's my reply, and of course the other replies. their names have been removed to protect those with low brain capacity.

From: "jdunn" | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:17:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: [DMBfreaks] i heard about this on jim rome

i hate it when you write an email and you hit send and
it says page is unavailable and you lose everything.
so, since i can't remember everything i just wrote
here it goes as close as i can remember.

this is the most asinine thing i think i've ever heard
you say. the fact of the matter is that it is illegal
and 3rd graders shouldn't be strutting around selling
pot. having said that, HOW do 3rd graders get that
much pot? it wasn't a case of sneaking into older
brother's room and taking the joint they found under
his bed. it wasn't showing off said joint to their
classmates in an attempt to look cool. we're talking
15 bags here. 15. who do you know that has 15 bags
laying around the house? that dealer from the
crackhouse in midtown? the athelete that has 5 dogs,
6 cars, and 12 women on his bed?

furthermore, if they don't disclipine them now, where
are they going to be in 20 years? let me tell you-
8 years old-selling dope to their 3rd grade classmates
(what bright little entrepreneurs)
12 years old-they've decided "hey! we can get away
with selling pot to our classmates, let's see if we
can sell acid or heroin to em!"
18 years old-now they're stealing cars and other shit
because they need drug money
we all know how this ends:
25 years old-sitting in their cell waiting to give
bubba a rubdown

if it was a joint or a pipe, yeah, i could see maybe
giving them 2 weeks suspension.

15 BAGS OF POT PEOPLE. two 8 year olds. walking
around ELEMENTARY school with, let's not forget, *15*
bags of pot.

> Yet again I am outraged by the fucked up drug laws.
> How horrible must it be to have your life ruined at
> the age of 8 by being kicked out of school for
> trying to make money off selling a drug less harmful
> than alcohol. Why, I bet those kids wouldn't receive
> more than 2 days suspension if they were selling
> shot-sized bottles of Jack. What kindof a fucked up
> law takes away your education (the very THING can
> help you avoid having to resort to black market drug
> dealing) for selling drugs?? That's like pushing
> someone off a cliff for tripping on the edge of it.
> In 50 years, when pot is decriminalized and that kid
> looks back at how that one incident fucked up his
> life forever, he's gonna want to sue the government
> for billions of dollars(trillions by that time).
>Damn... startin' young nowadays...

>It never made any sense to me though that when a kid gets in trouble the take him/her out of school. Why take away a kids education? That makes him bound for more >trouble in the future... cant they find another form of punishment?
check this out.

and after you read that, this just proves my point on how the freaks goal in life is to get high.

TWO of them have replied thus far saying the punishment was too extreme.

whatever. if it was something smaller like a joint or a paraphenelia, yeah, a simple 2 week suspension would do fine, but under the circumstances, i totally believe they got what they deserved. i'll post my reply to those emails in a little bit.
something real fast here-a few months ago you may or may not remember me mentioning that my company was going to a stricter dress code. no more polo shirts or hiking boots (nice looking ones mind you). correct me if i'm wrong but this kind of thing usually happens when people abuse the system right? right. there's this one lady over in evidence of insurability that dressed like she was straight out of the trailer. she didn't wear blouses or sweaters or dresses. pants and a long sleeve shirt, usually with little flowers on it, not to mention untucked. either i'm a snob or more of a professional than i thought but that kind of dress just isn't appropriate for an office setting. maybe if you're packing boxes over at ups (nothing wrong with that by the way) or some other blue collar job, but this is a corporation and standards are set and expected to be met. anyway, she still wears the same crap, even after this new dress code went into force. today she took it to a new level. ok, you ready for this? check this out -

a mickey mouse sweater.

i'm sorry but that is completely and totally unacceptable. perhaps on the day before a holiday or something but not on a thursday. now then, there's two people to blame for this: 1. herself. whatever happened to self-accountability? 2. her manager. he needs to say something to her to the effect of "you need a new wardrobe, and it needs to be more professional if you're going to work here." sure she might say that money's tight right now, that's all fine and dandy. then the manager should say "i don't want to see any unprofessional attire after february 1."

it just kills me to hear people around here piss and moan about how we got a new dress code and some people can't comprehend what it means to work in an office. i'm thinking if people stopped to realize that our old dress code, it was a privilege to have that and we won't get it back until folks around here begin dressing like they belong in an office setting.

i'm out.
looking everywhere
looking here and there
tonight! toniiiiight!
looking everywhere
looking here and there
could it
could it be...yOOO-UUU?

we got what you want we got what you want
we got what you need
sing it lovely ladies!

and now we join your regular broadcast already in progress.
it just occurred to me why not just start another freaks list....with people who enjoy each other and don't act like 3rd graders. i realize as long as there's human life there's going to be drama, but some of the folks on that list have taken it past the extreme.

just thinking out loud.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

a correction to the below post - after she kicked my ass she'd take OUR cat and go back to the bay.

for those of you who are not clones, war means "let's see it happen" or "i'll drink to that".
a few takes real fast-

1. the freaks list. what a bunch of bs that list has become. all it is now is a bunch of kids whose number one priority in life is getting high. each time i check that list there's always some email that references it. not that there's anything wrong with it, might as well do it while you're young because once you grow up, it's gone...unless you have aspirations of one day being the subject of ridicule on jerry springer. furthermore, there's this annoying chick on there that all the guys love...which makes me think either she shows her ta-ta's to them or she sleeps with all of them. besides that, the fact that she's in law school still remains a mystery to me, she seems too immature to be in law school.

2. my company's holiday party. shayna and i went and left around 9:30. we were sitting with a couple co-workers of mine (of course, right?) and their husbands. well the wives were out doing the electric slide to a hippity-hop song. heather's husband starts commenting to lynette's husband about how they shouldn't be line dancing to this song and his voice is increasing in volume. shayna and i just kinda look at each other. y'see, the thing is that heather and her husband are white, lynette is black, and her husband is white. point is, shayna and i thought some racist beatdown was about to happen so we decided that we had partied enough for the night. well yesterday a mandatory meeting for my department was called. ashleigh and i were on the elevator, here's the conversation-
ashleigh: i think i know what this is about.
me: what's that, the speakers getting broken?*
ashleigh: no no, that's a completely different thing.
me: oh, well then what?
ashleigh: well i'll put it this way, i don't think we'll be seeing heather again.
me: oh my god, why what happened? was there a fight?
ashleigh: there might as well have been. her husband shouted something at nancy (our boss) to the effect of "show your t****!"
me: oh wow.
*ed note: i don't have the whole scoop on this, but when i do i'll let you know.
in this meeting it was announced to us that heather had turned in her resignation tuesday morning and it was completely her decision and that we weren't supposed to talk about in the office anymore. well alright. i can't even imagine what would happen if it was shayna and myself in their position. oh wait, yes i do, shayna would be on the next plane back to the bay. good thing i have enough common sense not to do anything asinine like shout at her boss to show what nature gave her, even if i was a little intoxicated. let me explain why i'd never do that - 1, shayna would kick my ass so hard i'd walk like i had a shampoo bottle in my rectum and 2, after she kicked my ass she'd take my cat and go back to the bay (and that's the main reason why i'd never do that, besides the fact that i wouldn't *want* to see shayna's boss' things). so that's that. dumb husband costs wife her job.

3. war chiefs winning the super bowl and war shayna having an outstanding birthday.

have a great day, out.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

boy oh boy.

last night shayna told me her co-workers have a pool going for when we're going to get engaged.

crazy huh? i told them to lean towards march 17th. nothing says i love you like a pint of ale and a pretzel ring shaped like a clover!

at least to us irish folk.

Sunday, December 8, 2002

chiefs win! chiefs win! chiefs win!

rams get blown out of the water! rams get blown out of the water! rams get blown out of the water!

i'm happy.

very happy.

the final, chiefs 49, rams....a measley 10.


Friday, December 6, 2002

the eradication had begun
it had been a fast one.
of a creature so weak
they'd been on a losing streak.
the time was near
the chief had his spear.
with one swift assault
the ram came to a halt.
to the east they all cried
for their dreams had died.
but over the animal that lay still
the chiefs had a thrill-
the rams had shut up
and everyone knew mike martz was a schlup.
saw the video for grey street this morning. neat stuff.

this just in from the peanut gallery - ku football coach mark mangino's contract was extended a year yesterday. this makes a lot of sense. first of all, they were stupid to give a guy who has no experience head coaching in college a 5 year contract, especially in a program that's been lagging for the past 20 years...if not more. then, he takes the team this year to a 2-10 record, with no wins in the big xii. i didn't expect the program to magically improve to a 9-3 record this year but if you hire someone like that, you should only give them a 3 year contract, then at the end of the 3 years, if not earlier, take a look and see if there's any progress. if there is, then by all means extend his contract. i mean hell, texas a&m's coach got fired yesterday or the day before (i can't remember) and he was the winningest coach in a&m history. yet someone who takes a team 2-10 and can't win in their own conference gets a contract extension. boneheads running the ku athletic department sure seem like they don't have much in terms of brains.

kstate has every right to call us stupid and ignorant.

Monday, December 2, 2002

so last night i walk into the kitchen and say to my mom "mom, can we talk to you for a minute?" shayna, susan, tim and myself wanted to speak with her, just the five of us. granny's walking by and sees us all sitting down and i guess took that as an invitation to have a seat herself. then 10 minutes later gramps came in. oh no! we can't talk to their baby girl in that tone! heavens no! it's bullshit. at a couple different points in the conversation i had half a mind to say them "i don't recall inviting you two into this conversation," but of course then they'd cop the attitude "you can't talk to us that way!" yeah, i'm 25 years old, i'm an adult now. anyway, i won't go into the details of the whole thing, but towards the end they were talking about the kitchen floor and how i didn't help. true, i didn't help to a great extent, i asked, they said there was nothing for me to do at the present time (friday night). but last night i mentioned how i brought the tiles up to the living room prior to anyone's arrival.
gramps: john how old are you? 25? 26?
me: 25
gramps: well i'm 78 and i loaded those into my car and unloaded them in the garage.
me: ooook. (so?)
granny: well i think he wants a thank you.
me: ok, thanks?
gramps: well it sounded like you were complaining.
me: i wasn't complaining (you nutjob) i was making a comment.
and then there was
gramps: just now when mom asked you to bring in the plywood you were walking in with it like "grrr why do i have to do this?? grr"
me: no, i probably had a face on that said "this s*** is heavy, get out of my way."
mom: well when i asked you you just stood there until i said now
me: yeah, i was in the middle of a conversation, maybe you should have said "if you aren't busy, can you..."
mom: john, you could have said "i'll get it in a sec"
me: i was in a room with the door closed! did i really have to say i was busy?

oh, and of course gramps has to revisit my a-h*** days when i'd get off work at midnight, come home and go to sleep at 2 am, then wake up at noon, get ready for work and go back at 2 pm. i'd do my things at home and get out. i personally can't imagine anyone too pleasant after working those hours. however, the point is, that he won't give up on that crap. i even said to him "i like to think i've come full circle" and he agreed. well then i just have to ask, why you bringing it up old man?

oh, and my grandmother admitted to keeping her problems to herself. could that possibly be where i get it from? and while on this topic, when i blew up friday my mom said "it's good to voice your feelings." then saturday, all four of us, each as couples, got our asses chewed for causing stress and blowing up. so wait, do you want me to say what's on my mind or am i supposed to keep it quiet? mom says "well i think you could have pulled pat aside on thanksgiving and said something to him and no one would have minded." yeah, if it was just pat that i was upset with. there were two others, your parents, that i was upset with also, so i thought it was in the best interest of everyone involved to keep quiet so we could all have a lovely thanksgiving, just like on tv. shoot, i love bitching about it, problem is i think shayna's tired of hearing me talk about it.

augh, even though i know this isn't the end of this drama, it's nice to know i won't see them for a couple weeks, and to put this weekend in the books.