Thursday, September 21, 2006

people still read this? evidently someone did in august. anyway, on the 6th of august the wankers at corporate executed order 66. we're all out. i've interviewed at massmutual (who gave me a really decent offer but i turned it down), metlife, and transguard. i have a 2nd interview today with transguard. it's way up by the airport, like 45 minutes away. so i've kind of taken the approach that i don't really care if i get this one or not. metlife was real shady. it was two weeks ago, after labor day. mass made their offer, i called met to say "hey i got another offer, really need to know how i stand with you guys." long story short, the recruiter said they wanted to extend me an offer. YAY! i've wanted to be a full underwriter since i stepped foot in CNA. but alas, it was not meant to be. she said they couldn't afford me. what? that's strange. i've always been on the low end of the pay scale. how much lower are we talking? they couldn't even match what i'm making now. wha??? how is that possible? underwriters make at least $48,000 and i'm currently making in the low $40's. i don't buy that. then i got to thinking...and they wanted to extend me an offer after only one interview? and i didn't give them any references. sort of. i know a few people that work there now that went there after CNA. still, it all seems shady to me.

anyway, here's hoping that today's interview goes well.

and if i don't get it, no big deal. not too crazy about a 45 minute (sometimes +) commute every morning.