Thursday, July 22, 2004

so as some of you may or may not know we're going to new orleans in november for our long overdue honeymoon.  it all started getting serious a few nights ago when i started putting flights and hotels together.  got the flight schedule taken care of first.  it kinda sucks, there is no non-stop from kci to msy or noi or whatever they call their airport, so we have to take connecting flights to and from.  going is worse than coming.  we have to stop in tulsa, which i think is just to pick up people there so it's not like we'll have to change planes, and then stop in houston, then finally arrive in n'awlans at around 11 pm.  i think by the time we get to the hotel it'll be closer to midnight but it might be earlier, just depends on the airport.  having talked about the flight i'll get to the awesomely unbelievable conversation i had with the hotel today.  i called them because princess shayna requires a claw tub and i didn't know if i could specify that via internet.  on with the conversation!  (edited for space)
him:  is this going to be your guys' first time to new orleans?
me:  yeah!  we're excited!
him:  alright, well we'll do just about everything except bail you out of jail.
me:  haha.  my wife would probably leave me there.
him:  heheh, yeah.  well listen, i don't know if you and your wife are into adult beverages...
me:  oh i am!!  i am!!
him:  well you'll like this - the bars here never close...
me:  wow.
him:  and you can walk down the street with an adult beverage.
me:  cool!
him:  unfortunately they made drinking and driving illegal a few years ago.
me:  that's too bad.
him:  however, your passenger can hold as many drinks as he/she can.
me:  woah.
him:  and one more thing.
me:  yeah?
him:  you can always sleep when you get home.
me:  haha!  right on.  looking forward to seeing you guys on the 4th!

shayna says she wants to go on an alligator/swamp tour.  dude said he was going to send some brochures when he mailed the confirmation to me.  i'm thinking about this one or this one.  oh, and we already have a few places we want to go eat at (or more like, we were told to.)  they're here and here.  the first place my sister-in-law and brother gave us a gift certificate to (her dad lives there; he's a retired professor who reviews jazz now.  pretty tight gig eh?).

just a hunch, but this'll probably be the best 4 day vacation EV-er.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

a quick post during the day.
how cool is this?

Monday, July 12, 2004

good grief. ticketmaster is out of control. i just got back from getting our bela fleck tickets. 25 apiece, i'm thinking yeah, 55 or 60's not bad. 70. yeah, the "convenience charge" is 7 bucks. and there aren't even any seats at the city market! we have to stand through the whole show.

ticketmaster = lame.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Leroi Moore
You are Leroi Moore! While some may think this makes you unrecognizable, I have three beautiful words for you: BARTENDER: PENNYWHISTLE SOLO. You may choose to hide yourself from the crowds, but you can not hide the complexity and the richness that your solos bring to the Dave Matthews Band. They wouldn't be the same without you. Keep on blowing!

Which Dave Matthews Band Member Are You?