Monday, December 31, 2001

i'm drunk.....what you gots to say about that skizants?????

yeeeh, that's what i thought...and tell suge knight i'm after his asss...:)

lots going on in john land. first and foremost happy new years everybody!!! i have a couple of options tonight. for one thing, my buddy jed is trying to talk me into going to the uptown theater. not only that, old friend of ours sarah, got a hotel room somewhere down there so we wouldn't really have to drive. the total for that excursion - approximately $70. i.....don't think so. another option, which is the one i'm probably going to go with, my buddy chris who lives in the same complex as me, is having a party. problem is, i don't know if i'm invited. the nice thing about that, that's exactly what i wanted all along. i'd much rather be sitting around with about 5-7 people shooting the shit. i hate being around 300 other people, having to yell at the top of my lungs to have a decent conversation, climbing over people to go to the bathroom...anyway, another advantage, i can walk home from chris and michelles. plus, an added bonus, i know shayna'd be cool with that because she knows everyone that'd be there. :) so that's what i'll probably do. what's everyone else got planned?

moving right along, february i'm slated for yet another journey to the bay to see my true love. found out the other day we're gonna drive down the coast to san luis obispo to see jack johnson. whatever, another goony boy toy these girls have fallen in love with (actually i'll refrain from smackin him around until i hear him, can't be any worse than that slimeball stuck on the bottom of a garbage can john mayer). anyway, sharon's driving, and she's made it clear that there will NOT be any hanky-panky in her backseat, shayna and i that is, i'm sure if it's her doing the hanky-panky it wouldn't be a big deal. hehe, the lesson here, i'm gonna have to watch my hands...hoowha!!!

one more thing, apparently i've earned a rep for being good with blogs...ooookay. anyway, the point is, seems there's a new kid on the block, and i'm not talking about jordan knight, but you should check her out. she's got some good things to say. dig.

happy new year everyone!!!! and most important, be safe tonight!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2001

goodness, i had a fair amount to drink last night, and i know the rest of the weekend is going to be like this. heh. LUV having my old buddies in town this time of year. though i'm not too sure if they'll be by tonight. KU plays so they might be going up to lawrence for the game. eh, well. i could use a break, while at the same time i need to get it out of my system. my new years resolution? to drink less...considerably less. maybe only once a month, if any. well, gotta get back to cleaning. have a good one Y'ALLZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2001

shit. what a day. the worst part of my job, while at the same time, perhaps the best? i go into the mailroom for hours on end, and make an obscene amount of copies. for example this month, which are for march, 247 renewals, 2 copies apiece, plus the little flyers i have to put in with them (open enrollment, dental, etc).
i want my cold beer and i want it now. that is all.
the hells wrong with you people??? comment already!!!

i *know* people read this. so c'mon already! spill your thoughts.


Thursday, December 27, 2001

last night was good. my little brother and his fiancee came over, as well as wes, whom i haven't seen since sometime last summer, and jed came over. we grilled out, had some italian sausage, hamburgers, and chicken. all turned out real nice. we all caught up and found out what each other was doing, it was almost like a dinner party...oy, i'm getting old. well, everything was going great until we got on the topic of tim's wedding, then somehow it got thrown in my corner, that is i was sitting there yakking away talking about marrying shayna. then tim blurts out "um, maybe you should live together or see each other more before you get married." well, yes tim, i didn't mean tomorrow i was going to propose, however, he used a snotty tone that said more. not to mention, i told him how serious we were and his response was "oooh yeah, internet and phone." jed, being the tool he is, started in with tim as well. it's a good thing susan was there, because the rage that was going through me was unbearable. i yelled at him and politely said "dude, don't be an asshole. you're my brother, your job is to support me. if you're not going to, then fuck off and die...or get out of my house." then he and jed played bigger assholes, as their reply to that was "dude, calm down." whatever you limey bastards. i just can't believe they said that. i have a photo of shayna on my coffeetable, ALL over my walls, on my wallpaper on my monitor, and a photo next to my bed....and they made those absurd comments. the correct comment would have been "wow, i didn't know it was that serious. i'm/we're happy for you john that you found someone that makes you feel that way." i mean they've seen the way my face lights up when i look at the caller id and it's shayna. i usually wind up running off to my bedroom. well, we'll see what they do tonight, they're coming over, but not as late. matter of fact, i'm putting a ten o' clock curfew on my apartment. i'll let you know what happens.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

alrighty, what did i get for christmas you ask? well, allow me to tell.

i got, in no particular order, a nice eddie bauer shirt, a nice tommy shirt, a craftsman some-odd piece socket set, a fire starter (for grillin :)), and a really kick-ass grill. the grate, rather than cast iron, is porcelain. it's too bad the majority of meat that'll be cooked out there will soon be chicken (all for my sweetie). and y'know, my brother and i were talking, and we decided instead of that prime rib and chateaubriand junk, we'd be happy with a big fat t-bone or porterhouse for christmas dinner. maybe next year...oh, and shayna WILL be there. we now have a mission to outcute my older brother. ech, we're gonna waste him.

oh, and the present i got from my grandparents, well, it was more for jimi than me. a new set of feeders. y'know the kind, where you fill up the food and it doesn't go empty for days. yeah. lucky cat. gets to eat whenever it wants...

anyway, hope everyone had a good one. on to the new year celebration! woo hoo!

Monday, December 24, 2001

check it out, i open the door just now...and flurries, really big ones! are coming down!

how dope is that?! out of my 24 christmas' here, i've never seen it snow. we've had snow on the ground, but not snowing!

i'm so excited! anyway, i'm out. gotta finish up my shopping. i'll blog about what i get tonight when i get home!

MERRY CHRISTMAS/KWANZAA/BELATED HANNUKAH (whatever you celebrate this season) everyone!!!! have a good one and enjoy it!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2001

here's how christmas goes at the dunn household -

dec 23rd - turkey, usually fried
dec 24th - prime rib
dec 25th -chateaubriand (YUM)

not to mention my bro was bringing 1/2 keg in tonight (welcome to an irish christmas, my grandparents? hennessy. my parents? you should know by now, dunn. 98% Irish, there's some other stuff thrown in there, but for the most part...). he hadn't shown up when i left but it will be there tomorrow night, sadly, there will be no room for me, so i'll have to come home. anyway, met my older brother's girlfriend, kirsten (pronounced though, kier-sten), she seems really nice. i could see her as a sister-in-law. plus, she helped my mom clear the table. not just putting plates by the sink, but rinsing them off and in the dishwasher. wowzers. i was impressed. anyway, that's my report for now. i'm going to bed. later.

Friday, December 21, 2001

let me just say...that today is absolutely the most boring day i've ever had at work. i've been playing's crossword for the last half hour. boring boring boring.

well, that is all for now.
yay!!! it's friday!!!! time to do a little dance, make a little love, and in general, get down tonight. well, i won't be making any love since my honey isn't here, but heck, that can't stop the rest of yall! wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

so last night i had an appointment with my po(probation officer). usually i walk in, we say hi, i fill out a piece of paper and i'm gone in less than five minutes. well, last night was different. i did only have to fill out that *one* piece of paper, but this time 'round it had a buddy. there was a letter attached to it. at the top it said, and i ain't lyin, in all caps and bold NOTICE OF SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION. i ask her what it means, because in the body it said "we're sending this case back to the court with the request of successful discharge," she says to me "you're going into unsupervised status. no more monthly check-in's, etc." "so do i still need to call the line?" "not after tonight. they can still call you in at random, but you're not color-coded anymore." WHOOO friggity fracking up-my-patooie-with-a-rubber-jones HOOOOOO!!!!!! then, as i'm pulling out of the parking lot i'm thinking "yay! i can drink whenever i want again, and no more $17 pee tests!" what? it's like things were supposed to be different now but it feels the same. i go home and there's a message on my machine from andrea (the ex that i occasionally hang out with, but would never, ever, EVER do anything with, now she's more like a guy friend than anything) saying "hey john, my phone got turned off (haha) so i'm calling you from my cell. gimme a call b/c we haven't done anything for awhile (this is true, it's been over a month since i last saw her, the only thing i miss is last winter when we'd play three-man, drinking game, at her old apartment. hehe, there'd be like 4 of us sitting around the kitchen table and we'd go through two 20 packs of bud light. ah, good times, too bad she's an insensitive bitch, hence the ex) and i need to know what you want for christmas (what?! you can't get me anything because that means i'll have to get you something, and of course i don't want to. little story here, last year, she needed a zippo, so i got one, only i went to the trouble of having it engraved with a turtle and her name on it. what'd she get me you ask? a goddamn picture frame with her in it. *very* tasteful). so anyway, give me a call and we'll hang out this weekend or new year's weekend. bye." new year's?! are you kidding me??!! if i'm hanging with anyone new years it'll be ira and dave or somebody else. bitch screwed me over last year, but that's another story. anyway, so later on last night, i was thinking about last winter and how we'd play three-man (god, that sounds like an orgy or something :)) and how no one comes over to my house on friday's anymore and how i can drink without...anxiety now. so last night i decide i'll have folks over tonight and party it up. only tonight though, i have work to do tomorrow, xmas shopping! yeah, i know, i wait to the last minute, but i had to wait for my little bro to get in town. so, we'll see. shayna's pissed at me because last weekend i said "i don't think i'm going to drink so much anymore." the way i see it, i'm allowed one blowout every now and then. plus, i don't want to drink tomorrow, sunday, monday, or any other day i have off. the next time i'll drink? probably be new years and we'll do the same as we did last year, get wasted at my house and stay home. as my life lesson was for the past year, drinking and driving don't mix. that's another blog though. maybe later i'll share what i learned. personally, i recommend even if you haven't gotten a dui, to go to the victim panels and the classes. it touched me and really made me responsible regarding my having a good time. anyway, i'm out for now. happy friday everyone! oh, and if you don't hear from me, have a blessed holiday!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2001

my pc at work sucks. why you ask? permit to explain.

for one thing, no soundcard. therefore i can't watch dubya dance, luckily i saw it last night on my pc at home, and it was fun. very entertaining. moving right along, the thing that really irritates me is everytime i go to check my stats at work, it doesn't accept my password and i have to click on "send my password to my email" and then type it in. now you'd think it would let see my stats...think again. all it does is take me to a screen that shows my personal information, nothing remotely related to my blog. the weird thing is, at home, i had no problem. must be the configuration on this lousy pc. i swear, unitedhealthcare is the cheapest company in the world. that's why i have no remorse about calling shayna long distance from here. heh, i'm sure getting even with them. well, time to earn that paycheck. riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

hmmmmmmm.......what should i blog about? well, since i have nothing going on in my life, i think i'll blog about my woman.

so, looks like i'll be heading out to the bay around the end of february. it's too bad airlines take frequent flyer miles by the purchaser and not the person actually flying. yeah, that's right. shayna won't let me pay for it, or any of it for that matter. i think it's only fair that i pay for half of it. basically though, i told her if i'm coming out there in january and february, then she HAS to come here in march, if not april. i can't wait until the day when we're together and i won't have to wait a month or more to see her. i really hate waiting that long. true, it does make me cherish every second that i am with her, but my one wish if i could ever have one granted is to wake up every morning and see her shining face looking back at me. *sigh* what a sap i am. not to mention, when we are finally together, our lives will be so much easier. this is probably the hardest relationship i've ever been in, but i would *never*, *ever* change it in a million years. i think the reason i'm going on like this is because i've been missing her a lot lately. it's been 22 days since i last saw that beautiful woman, and now, i have another 23 days before i can lay my eyes on her. it helps to talk to her every night, but it's not the same as laying in bed at the end of the day and talking until one of us passes out. heh, that's another thing that will change when we're together, our phone bills, lol. well, that's all for now. i'll just go home tonight and cry myself to sleep.

am i hopeless romantic or what? yeah, that's what i think too. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

y'know what sucks? morning tv. it's gone to hell completely. first they take off charles in charge and replace it with caroline in the city, now they take off a different world and replace it matters. that show is so annoying. it's funny every now and again, but it gets old real quick. why didn't they leave full house or something on? that was ten times better. oy, what a tirade. moving right along. what a weekend...

i've decided it's time to hang up my rockstar wanna-be life. yep, i'm gonna quit drinking...well for the most part. i'm not going to drink like i used to, y'know, like 15 beers on a saturday. nope maybe 3 or 4, then i'm done. if that. i also decided this morning that i'm going to quit smoking. part of this has to do with going out with my buddy ira friday. he quit drinking and smoking about 4 or 5 months ago and now has a small fortune to show for it. lord knows i need to save my money, and drinking's fun and all, but at the same time it's like a 900 number, it's just pissing away money. hehe, and i'm the cheapest man alive. anyhoo, that's all for now, i'd blog more but i have to go to the restroom. have a good tuesday everyone.

Monday, December 17, 2001

i'm a little bit late on this one, but as per usual...

i. hate. mondays.

they suck the most ever.

says it all.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

happy birthday to my special lady. hope you have a good one.

i love you shayna.

Friday, December 14, 2001

woo hoo!!!! weekend is here!!! i'm gettin hiz-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh to-night. dig.

oh, and check this out while you're at it.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

well, i skipped out on the annual UHC broker holiday party last night. shayna did a good job at making me feel guilty, even though i was feeling it by myself. good news though, they haven't said anything yet. personally, i have a feeling they were all so drunk they didn't notice. heh. i work with a bunch of sloppy'd think i'd love to party with them. nope. anyway, this morning i have to call a *crapload* of brokers and try to get licensing information from them. it's my least favorite aspect of my job. it's like pulling teeth. you'd think when i say to them "yes, and if we don't get the information needed, we WILL hold your commissions until we get the required paperwork," they'd jump right up and fax it over. again, nope. anyhoo, wish me luck!

oh, and shayna's the luckier of us, at least she can call me as soon as she wakes up. i have to wait at least an hour and a half before i can talk to her. it sucks. there's some mornings, such as this one, where at 6:30 when i wake up i want to call her and hear her (yeah, i know, i'm a pansy, but i love to hear her, though i'd much rather it be see but you take what you can get) first thing in the morning. heh, i don't think she'd like it too much if i called her when i did wake up, after all, it's 4:30 in the am where she at. oh well, it won't last forever.

wow, what a ramble.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

out of the 20-30 some-odd times i've taken a ua(urinanalysis), tonight was by far the funniest.

i walk in and there's a guy at the counter waiting to check in. he turns around and sees me, does a double take, then looks at me gives me that "what-up" nod. being the polite gentleman i am i say "hey" to him. all the while thinking to myself "who the hell are you?" it's bad enough running into these kind of people at the store or a bar (especially when you're drunk, but at least then you can blame it on the alcohol), but at a ua joint, heh, well. he then says to me after he's checked-in, like we're old buddies, "so what, you here for work?" "no, i got a dui last december, a year ago last friday to be exact." "oh, that sucks." yeah. it did, but i've grown from it. i then get checked-in and have a seat. there's a kid in there with his mom, he's in high school, probably there for sports or whatever. he says he's ready to go and goes into the bathroom. meanwhile, his mom turns to me and says "i figured i'd bring him after school, he'd go, and we'd be done. after all, that's what he does normally - comes home and goes to the bathroom." "yeah, well, it's a little different with someone else in the room." she agreed. poor kid comes out and still couldn't go. he says to me "man, i've been here for an hour and a half. this is getting ridiculous." "hmm...i usually have 3 glasses of water before i go to work, and even if i have to go i don't let myself." after that neat little conversation, it's finally my turn to go. i rinse my hands and go in the bathroom. the guy hands me the cup and i start going. now normally during this time the test admin fills out the paperwork, rather than watch me or at least tries to avoid it. this guy though, says to me "hey, how old are you john?" thinking nothing of it i reply "24." "really, i got a couple of kids your age." OMG. the test admin. is. trying. to talk. to. me...while i'm going to the bathroom. "yeah, one's a little bit older, one's a little bit younger." wow. i am now a part of this guy's life. he's going to be a better person for having now come in contact with me. i sign the paper, say thanks, and then proceed to get out of there as fast as i could. my strangest experience i have ever had there. luckily, i'm almost done.
you know what sucks the most about being in an ld relationship? the fact that you can't be with the person you love on important days. this coming sunday is shayna's birthday, and i'm not going to be there. it's really been bothering me as of late. i have an idea of why, but i think i'm in denial that that's the reason. here's my theory anyway, i think it's bothering me because i know she has a lot of fun stuff planned and i won't be there to enjoy any of it with her. she keeps telling me that it's no big deal and she has many more birthdays that we'll be celebrating together. yeah, but it still bothers me. i want to be there and be part of your life right now, telling me that there'll be other ones isn't going to compensate for this year. add the fact that some of her friends ditched her not only on her actual birthday, but other days (such as this thurs, or next monday, for example). personally, i can't imagine being alone on my birthday, let alone without my girlfriend. hmm maybe it's just me, and if that's the case i need some help. anyway, can't wait to see how i act come new years. yeah that's right. currently, there are no plans to see each other on new years. kinda hard to fathom huh? two people who are so in love won't be together to celebrate the new year. eh, what're ya gonna do...

so bottom line, i'm kinda miserable right now. heh, she'll keep reassuring me, but until it's over and i'm not there it won't be ok with me.

Monday, December 10, 2001

being the tekkie and good boyfriend i am, i changed shayna's colors. yall should check it out when you get a chance.
mondays suck.

i hate them. a lot.

i didn't do anything (literally) all weekend. probably the worst weekend ever, for different reasons.

and i miss my girl a whole lot. so much it hurts sometimes. but i'll just have to wait 33 days. yech. oh well, the price i pay.

Friday, December 7, 2001

talk about bizarre. a little background on this, i worked down at scout camp every summer from 93-97. having said that, i'll tell ya what's so bizarre.

this morning started out normal. i was watching some news before i came to work and they said that 3 kids from kstate were missing, but they recovered one of the bodies. they showed the names and the faces and i looked at them but they didn't really register with me. so i go to work and it's friday so i'm in a good mood lalala right? wrong. my dad emails me with that headline in the subject and tells me to go check it out on he then follows up with "all three were eagle scouts and worked on lakefront." oh reeeaaaallly...isn't that - in. ter. est. ing. so i log onto and check out the article. sure enough. after i read through it and took a good hard look at the names, i realized it. i had worked with tim bennett on lakefront in 97. and actually kyle chapman's name is very slowly coming back to me. the other one, i don't really recognize off-hand. anyway, this isn't the bizarre part. well, kind of. the bizarre thing is how on monday, i found out my little brother is engaged, and then on friday, 5 days later, at least two guys that i had spent a summer with (2 months to be exact, but think about it, it's 8 hours a day in the program area, and then we had to see each other in the evening hours too) were dead. *that* my friends is the bizarre part. all comes down to that old cliche that life is short, and well, you know the rest.

In Memory and Friendship and Warmth,
Timothy Bennett, Kyle Chapman, & Chris Shipley


The Hills of Osceola are calling me today,
"Come back along the Scouting Trail" their voices seem to say.
I dream of woodland valleys, and pathways that I knew,
And answer, "Osceola hills, I'm coming back to you."

The friends of Osceola have walked the trail with me,
And 'round the campfire we have met in joyous company.
O! Friends of rain and sunshine, so loyal and so true,
Thank God for hills and trees and stars,- for Country, Home, and You!


My work is done;
Though short has been its span
I have known brotherhood,
And man to man
Have felt the stirring kinship of the tried,
The nobleness of sacrifice, the pride
That causes man to taste the bitter with the sweet
And, tasting, lift his head above defeat
And strongly brave his tasks;
For, serving thus, he gives to life and to eternity
That spark of genius bequeathed to him
By her who gave him life.
Who faced the grim
Dark valley of ordeal, that he might live,
That he might guide mankind to freely give.
And I have stood beside a sacred place
And there with fellow Tribesmen made my vows,
Have searched myself, and sought my inner strength,
Have goaded my own spirit
To arouse
Within my heart a long-enduring goal
That on the morrow might have more avail
Than just the mem'ry of a totem pole
Or white-washed rock.
Yes, these things I have known in my own heart,
And they are good.
And this I know, when now my race is run,
When starlight falls o'er oak-clad hills,
And setting sun bespeaks the end of my life span-
I have been challenged to the best in me,
I have been strengthened by an Eagle's claw,
I go, Great Spirit, answering Thy call,
For it is well - my brothers carry on.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

hoo boy. busy busy busy. didn't have time to do nuthin but work today. so meanwhile, nothing. i made out last night with not only free dinner (thanks dad!), but i managed to get home with some beans (YUM), some gravy, and some chicken. two breasts and one wing to be exact. well, i've got dinner for tonight. on the work side, i got all my 3rd Quarter Bonus stuff done today. yay. and after tomorrow my february renewals will all be done which means next week should be fairly slow. good. i need a break. well, that's all for now. ta ta!

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

why is my dad the best?

STROUD'S tonight. what makes it so good? not the chicken so much, which is good, but UN. LIMITED. GREEN. BEANS.

i LUV me some green beans. and theirs are the best!!! plus, this gives me bonding time with my dad, and we all know how important that kinda thing is...

i'll blog about what kinda leftovers i make it home with tonight!

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

kansas city broke its record high today. what was it you ask?

68 degrees farenheit. the new record - a whopping 69 degrees.

hehe, too bad shayna ain't here to...uh...celebrate with me....aheh, heh, heh.
so far, this has NOT been a good week for me. first and my foremost i miss my hunny, next, work sucks. let me explain, after all this is MY blog, and this is what it's here for. so yesterday morning started off like any other monday, shitty. i didn't want to get out of bed, i ached, etc. get to work and commence laboring on the 3rd Quarter Bonuses for the brokers. i figured i'd get those done in the morning and out to the brokers so i can get them done and up to AP by thursday. well, some of these brokers are fucking dumbasses that don't understand the equation for calculating them. so i explain...and they STILL don't understand. goddammit, having seen how much some of these brokers make, i wonder how on earth a client could actually believe what they say. after all that, i decide in the afternoon i'll get crackin on making copies of my 200-some february renewals. at 12:30 i go in the mailroom and set the copier to 425 open enrollment sheets. here's the thing, we have a very piece-of-shit copier in there (trust me, uhc is cheap, we still use lotus notes...v.4.55) and the tray can only hold 150, then you have to remove them and it goes on to the next set. i leave the copier for about 3 min. while it's doing that. i figure i'll come back to my desk and check my voicemails or whatnot. i go back into the mailroom and it hadn't been 2 sec, b/c i saw her pull them off the copier, but valerie says to me in a real snotty attitude "if you're going to do this many copies, YOU need to check it more often." now usually i'm a nice guy all smiling all the time and what-have-ya, but in my mind i was thinking "slag off bitch. i JUST came in here to check on it." grrrrrr. then she tells me that SHE *needs* to use the copier the rest of the afternoon and i'll have to wait until tomorrow. "whatever. i hate you now." so i didn't get my renewals done or started for that matter. then i had to go take my UA. while there, i mention to my test admin that i went back on metabolift last wee and asked him if it would make a difference. his reply? a resounding yes, and that i needed to call my po immediately and tell her that i was back on it in case it does show up. mother. fucker. not good. then on the way home some bitch (yes, it was a WOMAN driver) was taking up the whole aisle/lane in the parking lot of price chopper. for one thing i hate that store. i hate the parking lot, and i hate the way the store itself is set-up. the only reason i went there is b/c it was the only one on my way home. so i stop in there to get a half gallon of milk for my chicken helper. one thing i hate, having to wait in line for 15 minutes to buy ONE item. ridiculous. after that, i go back out to my car and put it in the back seat. get home, pick it up, and there's a liquid in the seat. oh great, the milk's leaking all over my seat. what did i do to deserve such a shitty day? all i wanted at that point was to crawl into bed and pretend like that day never took place. the rest of the night, not so bad. other than i couldn't really sleep until about midnight. next up today, which started out a-ok...until i get a call from one katie chalfant. i. hate. that. bitch. yet another broker, sort of. it's actually a broker's wife who decided to play bookkeeper. yeah, so she calls me and says in the nastiest tone "where's our money???" for one thing lady, don't cop an attitude with me. i show a huge check for you that was sent on nov 21. it's not my fault you haven't gotten it yet. ever heard of anthrax bitch? seriously, i absolutely *HATE* this woman. she's never nice, she always thinks she's right. oy, if i ever wanted to dance on someone's grave...i know that's not nice, but it's the truth. anyway, so now i have to wait for corporate to call me so i can find out wtf is going on with devilbitch's check, and then i have to get started on my renewals. argh.

shitty. week.
it is SOOOO humid here today.

even my office feels soggy.


Monday, December 3, 2001

so guess what? i'm gonna be a BEST MAN.

in whom's wedding?

why MY LITTLE BROTHER. how dope is that?

although, secretly, i thought *i'd* be first. anyway, more details later.
i. hate. mondays.
i. miss. shayna.
LUV. mix. volume II. good.

the people at work heard me singing loverboy by billy ocean so i ended up telling them all about it. they said i was "too much," whatever that means. i'm guessing it means shayna and i are the cutest ever since we make luv mixes for each other, even though the original wasn't technically intended for me. heh.

anway, back to hating monday.

Sunday, December 2, 2001

what did i do today? well, nothing...except for making the LUV mix volume II. check out the track listing

never been kissed - sherrie austin
cowboy take me away - dixie chicks
from this moment - shania twain w/ bryan white
breathe - faith hill
loverboy - billy ocean
forever more - james ingram
let’s fall in love - diana krall
this is it - huey lewis and the news
i’ll make love to you - boyz II men
close to me (closet remix) - the cure
because the night - 10,000 maniacs
it’s alright - big head todd and the monsters
in your eyes - peter gabriel
valentine - martina mcbride
true - spandau ballet

nice huh? bet you wish i was YOUR boyfriend, but alas, only shayna can have me. :)
shayna is the most beautiful girl i HAVE ever seen.

of course, that goes without saying, but i felt it needed to be proclaimed.

oh, and there's no good football games on today. bad for me, since that's what my sunday usually consists of. eh well

Saturday, December 1, 2001

oy. missing my shayna *A LOT*

I realize the best part of love is the thinnest slice
And it don't count for much
but I'm not letting go
I believe there's still much to believe in

So lift your eyes if you feel you can
Reach for a star and I'll show you a plan
I figured it out
What I needed was someone to show me

You know you can't fool me
I've been loving you too long
It started so easy
You want to carry on

Lost In Love and I don't know much
Was I thinking aloud
Fell out of touch
But I'm back on my feet
Eager to be what you wanted

So lift your eyes if you feel you can
Reach for a star and I'll show you a plan
I figured it out
What I needed was someone to show me

You know you can't fool me
I've been loving you too long
It started so easy
You want to carry on

Lost In Love and I don't know much
Was I thinking aloud
Fell out of touch
But I'm back on my feet
Eager to be what you wanted

You know you can't fool me
I've been loving you too long
It started so easy
You want to carry on

Lost In Love and I don't know much
Was I thinking aloud
Fell out of touch
But I'm back on my feet
Eager to be what you wanted

Now I'm lost, lost in love, lost in love, lost in love
Now I'm lost, lost in love, lost in love, lost in love

Lost in love, lost in love, lost in love
Lost in love, lost in love, lost in love

hmmm....i love that girl of mine.
y'know what kicks ass?

cookies and cream ice cream. and when you get about halfway down and get a cookie the size of your head.

that kicks ass.