Sunday, May 26, 2002

alright, i chose not to blog about shoreline just because there's too much to say. if you really want to know, go read shayna's and robbi's blogs. i know they blogged about it. moving right along to memorial day weekend. my last full weekend before shayna officially has my her....basket. right. so friday night a few friends came over and we sat around shooting the shit and drinking. no big deal. last night, went over to my buddy scott's who was having a graduation party for graduating from the prestigious institution that is ku. after we'd had a few drinks there we headed over to our friend matt toyne, who can be kind of a prick sometimes, but last night he was very cool. he had a keg and a half there...of busch. i hate that watered down shit, but hey, it was free, can't go wrong with that. wes showed up, and around 12:15 his woman called bitching at him. i learned something from him, never leave your girlfriend, who's the maid of honor, at a wedding reception--shayna told me that. :) and now, sunday, i got nothing to do tonight except grill up some burgers. oh, and check shay's blog for the most recent upcomings on how to get her here. heh.

Friday, May 17, 2002

so my little brother's birthday is tomorrow. he's coming over tonight and we'll have a few drinks. on that note,

i'm out for the weekend....shoreline bound. later!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

episode ii kicks ass...except for when you're sitting next to my mom and she keeps making comments to you. i'll blog tomorrow about it. must..........get..................sleep now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

i'm going to see episode ii tonight! i'm going to see episode ii tonight!

i'm gonna go see episode ii tonight. :D

Tuesday, May 14, 2002


best buy can suck my big white ass. i am so irritated with them. words cannot explain this aggravation. when i got my pc, i went to them and they gave me a free year of msn. now then, in the process of doing this, they set me up with a 2 year deal that charges me 21.95 a month. a few months ago a charge appeared on my credit card. so i called msn, they told me how BEST BUY FUCKED UP and set me up with the wrong account and i had to go to the store to get it cancelled. no big deal...if best buy knew what the hell they were doing. they tell me to just call msn and have it cancelled. so i go home, call msn and tell them to cancel it. "no no no sir. you need to go to the store and have them cancel it." so by this time i'm steaming angry and go back to best buy and yell at the kid behind the counter and tell him he's a moron and to get his supervisor. after about 30 minutes she finally fixes it, i go home and call msn and they credit my account. excellent.

well guess what happened today. my card gets charged AGAIN. so i call msn...and they tell me the account was never cancelled. so now i'm on the phone with best buy and they tell me to go to the store and get it all corrected.


thank you for time.

so last night there was a 5.2 earthquake in the bay area. thankfully no one was hurt, that i know that is. anyway, time to pull a little cliff clavin on all of you. shayna was surprised just now when i told her that we had our basic drills in school - fire, tornado...and once a year we'd have an earthquake drill. yeah, that's right, earthquake. ya see, it's a little known fact....

that the worst earthquake in american history didn't occur in california, or even alaska. nosirree bob dixie! it occurred a mere 380 miles from my house. josh probably knows, the infamous new madrid faultline that runs through the bootheel of missouri. yep, december 16, 1811. there were three magnitude-8 earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks that rocked the region that winter. needless to say, the next time that fault goes nutso, i'll be feeling it. the probability of a moderate earthquake occurring in the new madrid seismic zone in the near future is high. scientists estimate that the probability of a magnitude 6 to 7 earthquake occurring in this seismic zone within the next 50 years is higher than 90%. such an earthquake could hit the mississippi valley at any time.

so now you all are better persons for knowing this. :)
just to follow up on last night's fiasco with southwest, this morning around 9:15 the security guy for southwest calls me (i had left a message with him last night) and tells me that it shouldn't be a problem, but check with the airport since the airlines don't control the checkpoints anymore. ok! will do! so i call kci and what do i get, a resounding NO. "but i'm not gonna drink it!" NO. well then funk you very much too. *sigh* stupid airline bastards. i'm gonna ask them saturday morning, and by god, if they say yes, you'll see a man very pissed off.

Monday, May 13, 2002

those bastards at southwest. first of all, it took me forever to find a phone number on their website. i finally find it and call them asking if i could take beer on the plane with me. not to drink mind you, but because i want to take a little piece of kansas city with me when i go out there, seeing as how it's the last time for awhile. they say, yes, as long as i don't drink it. good, i didn't plan to. then they tack on that i should check with the airport baggage just to make sure. so i call them and ask. the bitch there says "no alcoholic beverages onboard." i think she was under the impression that i was going to drink it onboard when really, i'd just stick it up in the overhead compartment. nonetheless i'm going to call again in the morning and explain that i'm not going to drink it. hell, i wanted to share it with folks out there, seeing as how i've been yakking about it for the last 3 years. for the record, i wanted to bring some boulevard, and breckenridge brewery avalanche (yes, from breckenridge, colorado - i know it's not kansas city but i doubt they have it california). we'll see tomorrow. g'night everyone.
5 days!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2002

yay!!!!!!!! chris is here tonight! i miss my boy. and for all the ladies out there, for one, he's taken, number two, deadringer for matt damon. heh, the first time my mom met him, she said to him "you look like matt damon." so there ya have it! yay for me! chris is coming!

Thursday, May 9, 2002

sitting still as stone

we walk a pattern and i wander yeah
no one ever stops to talk of things they'd rather do
they ever did

what if God shuffled by
funny we might seem
to go angry not afraid
like breathing just to breathe
that we might find some reason

but it's rushing around
that's what's wrong with the world
don't lose the dreams inside your head
they're only there until you're dead

lying on the roof counting
the stars that fill the sky
wondering why
someone out there little angels looking back down on me
you never know

so much space to believe
funny when you're small
the moon follows the car
there's no one but you see
hey the moon is chasing me

and i worried if i looked away she'd be gone
don't lose the dreams inside your head
they're only there until you're dead
oh oh oh la la la

wandering through wood
with no cares in the world
the world she has come to play
she's all mine just for a day

allow no time to waste
in the play of this game
don't lose the dreams inside your head
they're only there until you're dead

all fall down
it won't be so long now
out of the darkness comes light
like a flash
you think you can you think you can
sometimes that is the problem
little darling

spinning on the wind
the leaf fell from the limb
and every day should be a good day to die

all fall down
it won't be so long now
i live the high life
i find it hard to explain
how i got here
i think i can i think i can
but then again i will falter

i think i can i think i can
i think i can i think i can

oh dream
little darling

spinning on the wind
the leaf fell from the limb
tonight's show is the best thus far. why you ask.

because i say so dammit!!!!!!!!!!

word. that's all i have to say.

hehe, better than ezra, seems like they're here every 3 months.
sister hazel - that's cool, i haven't seen them in a while.
double trouble - god bless stevie ray vaughn.
jonny lang - right. on.
.38 special - hold on loosely! if you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control! :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

new look. dig.

nice. also you may have noticed it's a mess here right now. i'm gonna work on it this afternoon.

Monday, May 6, 2002

motherfucker. big fat shitcans. i didn't get the state farm job. "it wouldn't be a good fit." yeah bullshit. god. what bothers me the most about this is that they made it seem like it was in the bag. i'm soooo fucking pissed right now it's unbelievable. eh, well, shoreline in 12 days. that's something to look forward to. and at this point, at whatever job i get, i'm just going to tell them i'm availabe the wednesday i get back.

Friday, May 3, 2002

i just found something interesting. interesting because i was never told about it. one would think that i would have been, but then again, what do i know. what's that? you want to know what it is? ok.

here it is. i think i'll do some modifying to mine when i get home tonight.
steak and beer it is! :)
one quick thing, the other night i went to the store and got a 25 oz t-bone steak. YUM. this morning at 7:30 i get a call. the name on the caller id? "us gov irs" yeah, that scared the crap out of me, then i realized it was probably my dad.
me: hello
dad: hey i'm going to bryant's tonight and wanted to see if you wanted to go.
me: bryant's? for reals?
dad: yes.
me: i, uhhh, errr....don't know yet.

tough call. huge ass steak...or bryant's. the thing about bryant's is the sandwiches are the size of your head.

*sigh* decisions, decisions....

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

job kicks ass. the only downer is the drive. aside from that, i love it! moving along, june 23rd, two days before my birthday, uptown theater, dave koz & friends. the friend in particular that we're looking forward to you james ingram. word. up. ok, that's all for now, later g's!