Wednesday, March 27, 2002

i have an real job interview tomorrow morning with hormel foods. ham...mmm...bacon...mmmm...sausage...*now fully drooling*. anyway, it's a temp to hire job, but if the temp joint told me this morning that they want to hire for it as soon as possible. and seeing as how i only have one major trip left this year, i think my chances are pretty good. i have other trips, just not major major ones. so anyway. happy me. happier if i get the job. i'll actually be able to buy shayna lunch or something while she's here. and now it's time for full house. later.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

My Dave Matthews album is...

Remember Two Things

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no time to blog. too much sex. :)

Thursday, March 14, 2002

so i lost my job today. why you ask? if you ask unitedhealthcare, they'll tell you excessive internet usage, if you ask me, i'll say excessive BOREDOM. for the last month i've had nothing to do. this week i'd had 3 phone calls about issues. anyway, i'm not too worried. i'd kinda wanted out anyway. and now, i can go get a better job. i'll probably start freaking out when there's only $5 in my account, but that's aways off. and now, i must go to and start looking for jobs.

Monday, March 11, 2002

according to phil collins, i'll feel better if i just say the word.

su su sudioooooooooooooooo

nope, still hate mondays.
oh yeah. another reason my mom LUVS shayna?

trading spaces.
monday. bleh. nuff said.

last night i had dinner with my parents and grandparents. my dad and grandfather kept making fun of me because they didn't believe a. that i wear a 36 waist and b. that i only weigh 180 (i think, might be less than that). mean people they are. on a happy note though, it was made very clear to me that my mom and grandmother LUV shayna. how you ask? i'll tell you. first, my mom said she was good because she gets her thank-you's out so fast, to which my grandmother tacked on and i quote "she sent me a thank you, check her off, she's A-OK with me!" in addition to that, on my way out the door when i was hugging my grandma, she says to me "you thank shayna for me. i don't know what she's doing to you but it's a big BIG improvement over the old john." old john? whatcha mean? gramps says "well before we'd see you for 2 seconds maybe and now you sit down and socialize with us." hehe, they're right. it is her that's making me better. so the friday shayna's here we're slated to have dinner with my parents. good opportunity for them to talk to her and get to know her. maybe they'll see why she makes me so happy. anyway, maybe i'll blog about best buy and my raging contempt for them later. til then, i'm gonna grumble about mondays.

Saturday, March 9, 2002

Friday, March 8, 2002

shayna was amazed that i knew a song from annie when we first started talking. yeah, we bounced lyrics back and forth with each other. last night, when chandler made that comment, well, apparently the amazement has drifted away because she didn't even think about it. eh, well, god knows after our one year anniversary i'm gonna forfeit having to remember a lot of little stuff (i'll still remember the first time we met, first kiss, and first....)

maybe far away
or maybe real nearby
he may be pouring her coffee
she may be straightening his tie
maybe in a house
all hidden by a hill
she's sitting playing piano
he's sitting paying a bill

betcha they're young
betcha they're smart
bet they collect things
like ashtrays and art
betcha they're good
why shouldn't they be
their one mistake
was giving up me

so maybe now it's time,
and maybe when I wake
they'll be there calling me baby

any bets that she'll forget that i own bye bye birdie (the good one, a la dick van dyke)?
so last night on friends sealed the deal that shayna and i are totally chandler & monica.

why you ask?

we both own the annie soundtrack. *very* scary.

meanwhile the weather here is plain old whack. 72 is the high today. YAY! i LUV me some warmth. the low tonight is 28. jigga what? high tomorrow is 40-something. however i think they're full of shit. yesterday was supposed to be in the 50s, it got up to 65. anyway, friday, me no work, me play. later.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

LUV me some putt-putt.

go play. you know you want to.
i know you're out there!!!!


one of my buddy's has his mail sent to my address instead of his new missouri residence (it's not really new, he's lived there for a year now). the most recent piece of mail was his auto insurance policy. he calls me last night and here's how the conversation went:

me: mmmmmyello
ira: hey man, can you do me a favor?
me: what's that?
ira: check my insurance policy and see how much i need to pay
me: sure, i needed to take my pants off anyway
ira: you have to take your pants off to open mail?
me: no, i was on the couch and i just ate so my belly's expanded in capacity
ira: oh
me: yeah, so you owe nothing
ira: good deal. that's what i was hoping for
me: by the way, shayna's gonna be here in two weeks
ira: when?
me: the weekend after st. patricks day
ira: cool. speaking of st. patricks day, should i pick you up before or after breakfast?
me: no way man. i'm not doing that this year. last year i spent way too much, $180 i think, and i wasn't even falling down drunk. there's just too many people down in westport to get effectively drunk. i suggest, if anything, we drink at my house til about 4 or 5, then go to barley's or something.
ira: eh, we'll see. i'll give you a call friday or saturday.
me: cool. i'm gonna go wank.
ira: alright. have a good one.
me: later.

some's taken out, but what's there was said. you know what they say about st. patricks day, the early bird gets the jameson in his coffee. :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

so the mix i made last night? i'm not going to tell you the title, but i'll tell you what's on it

american music - violent femmes
where the streets have no name - u2
mama's got a girlfriend - ben harper & the innocent criminals
hungry heart - bruce springsteen and the e street band
take me home tonight - eddie money
jessica - allman brothers band
once - pearl jam
granny - dave matthews band
steam - peter gabriel
i walk in - brougham
ride wit me - nelly
no woman, no cry - fugees
7 - prince
st. elmos fire - john parr

that's not the order, and i might be missing one or two but i think that's it. i'm good huh?


still bored.

still very bored.
yeah, so i lied. i got nothing else...for now.
i feel like telling a story. and i'm sure everyone can relate in their own way.

everyone goes through a form of depression it seems like. mine was this last summer. i'm not really sure what brought on besides the obvious things, money issues mostly. regardless, my drinking was absolutely out of control. i wasn't getting drunk every night, but on the weekends, if no one came over, i'd end up drinking people were with me. we're talking slamming 19 beers and passing out on the couch. i was just very, very depressed. i didn't want to go out with my friends, basically didn't want to be around anyone. all i wanted to do was stay at home and get drunk. didn't care if anyone came over or not. but then something happened. i met a girl who changed all that. for the first time in a long time i didn't want to get drunk. she made me realize that a. i didn't have to be drunk all the time and b. she actually dug me when i was sober (heh, as hard as that is to believe). in a nutshell, she made, and still does, make me want to be the best i can be. it's kind of weird, i'm going out/hanging out with my friends again, but i'm not getting completely falling-down drunk like i used to. i'll go out and have a couple drinks and that'll be it, i.e. i won't even get a buzz. i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm the happiest i think i've ever been.

more to come.....yeah, i got tons to blog about today.
so last night i put together a little mix. what's on it you ask? sorry, i'm not at liberty to reveal that information, but you'll find out soon.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

following in the shadows of jenkins, i too am curious about some of the hits that i've gotten. please claim your ip at the door. i've edited them to protect your privacy.

i just had a MAD idea. let's just hope that I can find a way to pull it off. :)

Monday, March 4, 2002

those days of warm rains come rushing back to me
miles of windless summer night air
secret moments shared in the heat of the afternoon
out of the stillness soft spoken words

say say it again
i love you always forever
near and far closer together
everywhere i will be with you
everything i will do for you
i love you always forever
near and far closer together
everywhere i will be with you
everything i will do for you

you've got the most unbelievable blue eyes i've ever seen
you've got me almost melting away
as we lay there under blue sky with pure white stars
exotic sweetness a magical time

say say it again
i love you always forever
near and far closer together
everywhere i will be with you
everything i will do for you
i love you always forever
near and far closer together
everywhere i will be with you
everything i will do for you

say you'll love me forever
never stop never whatever
near and far and always and everywhere and everything
say you'll love me forever
never stop never whatever
near and far and always and everywhere and everything
say you'll love me forever
never stop never whatever
near and far and always and everywhere and everything
say you'll love me forever
never stop never whatever
near and far and always and everywhere and everything

i love you always forever
near and far closer together
everywhere i will be with you
everything i will do for you
i love you always forever
near and far closer together
everywhere i will be with you
everything i will do for you

yeah, yeah, i know, i'm a cheesy goon. :)
Main Entry: so·ci·ol·o·gy
Pronunciation: "sO-sE-'ä-l&-jE, "sO-shE-
Function: noun
Etymology: French sociologie, from socio- + -logie -logy
Date: 1843
1 : the science of society , social institutions, and social relationships; specifically : the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings
2 : the scientific analysis of a social institution as a functioning whole and as it relates to the rest of society
- so·ci·ol·o·gist /-jist/ noun

lately i've been finding myself fascinated by people. when i was younger, well, a couple of years ago, and we'd go out to harpo's on tuesday one of my favorite things was to just sit there and watch people. watch how they interact and how they behave. heh, made it funnier because they were all drunk, but it's still interesting to watch how we as humans behave. some are outgoing and have no problem allowing themselves to be heard, others are very introverted and prefer to just sit there and listen to those who like to hear their voices. i'm not sure if this makes us a good race or not. obviously it's good that we're all unique, but still, is it good that we're all so different? i personally think it is a good thing. if we were all the same, and liked to do the same things, had the same thoughts, the same personas, why the hell would we want to live? and granted there are those out there that you're not going to agree with on certain things, but is that really any reason to chastise or dislike them? hell no. all in all, i guess sometimes i just wonder why we're here if we're just going to despise each other.

Friday, March 1, 2002

the one thing i left out about my little trip last weekend was that i pissed off some people whom i find very cool. and for that i apologize. i *thought* we were all cool, but i guess everyone misperceives things every now and then. all i can do is say i'm sorry a hundred thousand times til i'm ready to go down to that grave.

i'm sorry to those 5 people. :(
blah blah blah. to go out or not to go out? that is the question. funny story. at least i've been laughing about it for the last few minutes. i just got off the phone with shayna and it went something like this -

shayna: i'm going out with my old coworkers tonight
me: oh. ok...
shayna: and they're all boys just so you know
me: ....uhhh....ok. (NOTE: of course i have the natural anxiety but at the same time i completely trust shayna. why? because i know she trusts me too :))
shayna: you'd like them. they like to drink...a lot.
me: wow. that makes me feel so *much* better! thank you! really! thanks! you're going to be around a bunch of drunk guys. neat.

that's kind of the equivalent of me being trapped in a room with 3 girls and all they want to do is tear my clothes off and ravage me. now women don't act like this, so we know it's inconceivable, but if it were to happen: a. i wouldn't do it because i'm mad madly in love with shayna. and b. shayna would fly off the handle if i said i'm going out with 5 girls and i'm the only guy to get really shitfaced(fortunately for me i only know 2 other girls, one of whom i never hang out with anymore).

so regardless of what i do tonight, i'm pretty sure my head will be spinning when i lay down for bed tonight. happy friday everyone!