Thursday, January 18, 2007

still working at the hartford. january 30th is my last day. got a few prospects out there. that is all for that.

with that said, my younger brother got served with divorce papers right after thanksgiving. on the one hand, bad because of the boys; on the other, good because she's had him by the balls since before they were married. in other words, it wasn't shocking, we all knew it would happen with time. in the midst of all this, he was still trying to get a job here in the city. we pointed him over to our friend. we saw him right before we went on the cruise. dude's skinny. like anorexically skinny. we went to cheesecake factory. but not before we went to best buy. because they were getting cell phones. that's right, divorcing and getting cells on the same plan. and did i mention they still sleep in the same bedroom? i can only assume the same bed. when asked by my grandmother why they still sleep in the same room if they're getting divorced he said "because we might still get together." but tim, didn't you also say that once she starts something she finishes it? "uh, yeah." so which is it, dumbass?

they're coming in town this weekend for some parenting seminar. i can see that if they're going to get advice on how to explain this to the boys. but i don't think that's the point of it. oh yeah, and you would think that since they're getting divorced she'd stay with her sister and the boys on friday or saturday and then my brother would stay with my parents and the boys on friday or saturday. and my parents are supposed to watch them on saturday during said seminar. WRONG. dysfuncitional divorce constitution clearly states "couple will stay with sister and brother-in-law and paternal side of family gets nothing."

so last night i left him a vm on his new cell. he never answers. then i get home from the store and i ask shayna "so you have heard anything new on tim?" she forgot to tell me that his drug test came back clean and they made him an offer and he had 24 hours to respond. she emailed shayna this morning with this-
Yeah, he called this morning.

Said that he was sorry, but he had to decline the position because his kids had been sick, congested, etc. He said he had some things to take care of there and wouldn't be able to take the position.

He thanked me for the opportunity, said it sounded like a good one, but he was sorry he wouldn't be able to take it.

not only is my jaw holding down the floor but i also have every conceivable bad word running through my head. i actually called his cell, and got his vm of course, and said "i'm only saying this as a person who was in a relationship and got royally (screwed), i think you made a really big mistake. but you are an adult capable of making your own decisions. see you this weekend."

seriously, if i could i'd go down there my first day off and literally kidnap him and bring him back here and apply some unorthodox therapy. like beating the shit out of him.

i don't know what else to do with him. he's destroying his life beyond repair all because he's in denial. any suggestions?